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LOS ANGELES (Aug. 15, in the year of our Lord 2022) – SQUARE ENIX® is today kicking off a weeklong livestream hosted at “Mogchute Farm” to celebrate the upcoming launch of Island Sanctuary, a new type of casual solo content releasing in Patch 6.2 as the next major update to the critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online releasing on Tuesday, August 23.

From today until Friday, August 19 at 1pm BST, the livestreamed event will allow viewers to experience life on a farm from the comfort of their own homes as they look forward to the release of Island Sanctuary in Patch 6.2: Buried Memory. Island Sanctuary will allow players to build and customise their own personal farm in-game on an island paradise abundant with wildlife, by gathering materials, building facilities, caring for creatures, and more, all without the need for prior crafting or gathering experience.

The livestream will star several farmyard favorites over multiple days, including pigs, goats and chickens, with several other surprises as the week progresses. Viewers can follow their daily routines of feeds, frolics, and festivities, and will be invited to vote on what the animals will be fed on stream. Feeds will take place at the below times each day, with other activities planned in-between:

9:15am – 9:30am BST
4:00pm – 4:15pm BST

Based in London, United Kingdom, “Mogchute Farm” is taking place at Mudchute Farm, a registered charity with care for the environment at the heart of their mission. Founded in 1977, Mudchute Farm is set in 32 acres of green space, which are open to the public and offer views across London.

During last week’s Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida offered viewers a first demonstration of Island Sanctuary. Additional details on Patch 6.2 were also discussed, including the continuation of the main scenario questline, PvP updates, Pandæmonium: Abyssos, and more.

With more than 25 million total registered players, there has never been a better time for newcomers to begin their adventures in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online saga. The expanded Free Trial now includes all content from A Realm Reborn™ and the Heavensward™ expansion (and updates through Patch 3.56), as well as an additional playable race (Au Ra), and three additional playable jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist). Free Trial players can enjoy hundreds of hours of award-winning gameplay and story experiences equivalent to two full FINAL FANTASY titles, without limit on playtime.

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