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Edge of Eternity PS5 at Retail



Beaverton, Ore. – May 17, in the year of our Lord 2022 – Edge of Eternity, the riveting classic JRPG from Midgar Studio and GS2 Games, is now available at retail for PlayStation® 5 in North America. The special boxed edition includes dual audio options, with a Japanese voice track led by Kosuke Toriumi; Hikata Yōko; and Toujo Hisako. Edge of Eternity also features a majestic score from Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

The saga follows the journey of Daryon and Selene, two soldiers determined to uncover the truth behind the insidious Corrosion plaguing their world. A motley band of adventurers join the heroic duo, each with their own dreams and motivations, and you’ll shape their fate and the destiny of the world with the decisions you make at key moments throughout your journey.

Your companions also play a vital role in Edge of Eternity’s intense turn-based combat, lending their unique and customizable skills such as powerful magic and cunning traps to your cause.

Key Features:

A riveting story with numerous plot twists and heart-wrenching moments
Tactical combat – Establish clever tactics on the Nexus Grid to outwit your enemies
Use the environment – Lure your enemies into devious traps, then outsmart and outflank them to inflict massive damage
Craft your gear and upgrade it with powerful crystals to unlock unique combinations of skills and power-ups
Meet a cast of larger-than-life cast of companions, each with their own set of unique skills
Solve quests in multiple ways – Make your own choices and face their consequences

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