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August 17, in the year of our Lord 2022 -- Thunderful & Megagon Industries are taking you on a trip to the circus with today’s free update for Lonely Mountains: Downhill, the thrill-fuelled Daily Rides Season 16: Cirque Du Vélo. Embrace your inner showman with the new outfits, accessories and a paint job in this latest update. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC (Steam®). The game is also verified for Steam Deck.

From juggling jesters to snake charmers, players looking to put on a show will find something for them as a reward for completing Season 16’s trials:

Tightrope your way to victory with the Unicycle backpack
Put on the world's greatest show with the Ringmaster outfitBe a barrel of laughs with the Clown outfit
Brave the big cats with the Lion Tamer outfit
Get ready to do some heavy lifting with the Lifter outfit
Concentrate on juggling with the Harlequinn helmet
Charm snakes to your will with the Snake Tamer outfit
Carry the weight with the Dumbbell backpack
Lead the crowd with the Circus Tophat helmet
Slither down the slopes with the Snake backpack

Daily Rides is a cross-platform daily leaderboard competition. Each day a trail will be selected randomly, complete with new obstacles and shortcuts. The four week season offers up a new theme with unlockable cosmetic rewards for participants. Do you have what it takes to dominate the new season? Get riding and see if you can rise to the top of the leaderboard!

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