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Air Missions HIND Physical Version Releases



SANTA ANA, California, September 23, 2022 — Nicalis, Inc. announces that physical copies of Air Missions: HIND are now shipping for Nintendo Switch. The game is available for purchase at the Nicalis Store.

An arcade-style attack helicopter sim from developers Games Farm and 3DIVISION, Air Missions: HIND lets players take control of six different real-life attack helicopters, including the legendary Mi-24 HIND known as the "Flying Tank." Players can customize each vehicle's camouflage patterns and configure a wide variety of weapon loadouts, from S-5 rockets and FAB bombs to KMG-U mine dispensers, R-50 homing missiles and more.

The game's Campaign mode contains 18 challenging missions, including ground-based target runs, air-to-air combat, rescue operations, air defense and a training level. Other single-player options include Instant Action, Instant Mission and Test Flight modes in six different locations across Europe and Asia. Online multiplayer offers cooperative missions and deathmatch mode for up to four pilots.

Three different control settings are available (casual, novice and advanced) with axis inversion and adjustable sensitivity for further customization. There's also a gyroscopic control option that lets you fly by tilting and turning the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con™ controllers in the direction you want to go.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system(s) in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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