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PES 2016 Cover Athlete Announced



June 10, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. today announced that Neymar Jr. will be the global cover athlete for PES 2016. The game publisher also announced the full game reveal will happen on June 12.

Neymar Jr. is the cover star of PES 2016 after his most successful season to date. The world famous forward saw his team win La Liga and Copa del Rey in Brazil with Neymar Jr. scoring in the final. He also went on to win the UEFA Champions League, an exclusive license in PES 2016, again scoring the decisive goal in the final, which completed a historic hat trick. Just 23 years old, Neymar Jr. has been the golden boy of Brazil since his teen years, and now captains the national team. His inspiring dribbling skills, together with deadly finishing and electric pace, make Neymar Jr. a soccer superstar, with the promise of much more in the future. Neymar Jr. will be featured on the PES 2016 cover and all marketing materials.

“This is a real honor for me to be the cover star for PES 2016," Neymar Jr. said. "The series has long been praised for its sheer level of control and utter realism and I am delighted to be working with such a talented team as Konami. I am fascinated by the huge amount of work involved in putting together the game and ensuring the world’s top players look and play just like the real things, and I cannot wait to see myself in action as soon as possible.”

"Neymar Jr. is a player that perfectly fits the PES brand and what we want to achieve," added Erik Bladinieres, European Brand Director of Football. "His unique qualities and the ability to surprise goes hand in hand with the gameplay experience in PES 2016. In our anniversary year, we want to celebrate the past, while we look forward to the exciting future of the brand. We'll do this with Neymar Jr. leading our campaign."

PES 2016 will be announced on June 12, and will feature information on Neymar Jr. as a pre-order exclusive player reward to be used in myClub.


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