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The Moogies Developer


Editor in chief Paul Bury interviewed Thorsteinn, the developer of The Moogies.

Q: What was the inspiration for The Moogies?

A:The Idea behind Plain Vanilla Games was conceived when I noticed my two kids (aged 2 and 6) playing around with my iPhone and iPad. The intuitiveness of these touch screen devices for kids is simply incredible. My son was not even 2 years old when he was asking for the iPad, unlocking it and selecting an app to play. This made me start to search for apps that were suitable for this younger demographics and I was surprised to see that there really were not that many high quality apps available. The result from that is Plain Vanilla Vision, to make the most beautiful and fun apps for kids aged 2-6 available on any mobile device.

Q: How many different interactions can be done in The Moogies?

A: Children and parents can both talk to the Moogies and then interact with the Moogies themselves and the environment by touching it. We have over 80 different funny animations that happen when you touch different objects and kids have a blast exploring and discovering new things.

Q: Any plans for future animals in The Moogies?

A: The world of the Moogies is constantly evolving, so you shouldnt be too surprised to see new Moogies introduced through updated or new apps.

Q: Do the creators of The Moogies have children of their own in the target range?

A: Yes, we used our kids extensively as a test group when developing The Moogies. Kids are the most honest focus group, as they do not hestitate to push the home button and shut off an application if they are not enjoying it. Every scene in The Moogies has therefore been approved of kids in the target range. :)

Q: Are there any sequels planned?

A: We are working on expanding The Moogies franchise, watch this space!

Q: How long did it take to develop The Moogies?

A: From the beginning we knew that we did not want to make one single game, but rather a magical world with lots of characters that we could expand. Because of this we spent a lot of time on the character creation part. The idea behind each character is a result of countless brainstorming sessions, prototyping, working with child psychiatrists and with children themselves. We wanted to make characters that appealed to both children and parents alike, and we are very proud of our nine characters so far. The concept of the first Moogies app is to introduce the cast of characters and let children talk to them and explore all the different things that happen when you touch various objects on the screen. We started working on the Moogies about 13 months ago.

Q: How large was the team that created The Moogies?

A: The core team behind The Moogies is about ten people. The team consists of game designers, programmers, animators, illustrators, graphic designers, sound engineer and a music composer. On top of that we had a lot of talented artists contribute to the project, such as voice talents. Plain Vanilla is only roughly a year old, but we have some game design veterans in the team.

Q: Which animal in The Moogies are you most like?

A: I think the Parrot is the office favorite :)


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