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Robb Rinard from 2XL Games on Jeremy McGraths Offroad


Robb Rinard from 2XL Games took some time to answer some questions on Jeremy McGrath's Offroad from Family Friendly Gaming.

Q: How long was Jeremy McGrath's Offroad in development?

A: A little over a year in development.

Q: What does Jeremy McGrath think of Jeremy McGrath's Offroad?

A: He loves it! It was really encouraging to keep Jeremy involved throughout the process and see him get excited by what we were doing. He’s seen plenty of these type of games over the years, so we knew that he had a critical eye for what was not only fun, but what felt intrinsic to the real experience.

Q: Was there a conscious effort to put so much diversity into the graphics?

A: Certainly. Coming to XBLA and PSN, we knew that the budget of this game would be more manageable than a retail title. But then again, we knew we had to make the best of our resources. We wanted to make the best possible game we could and still be able to sell it for under $10.

Q: The Family Friendly Gaming staff was shocked at how good Jeremy McGrath's Offroad looks. How long did it take to get the graphics looking so good?

A: Wow, thanks! We think it looks really good too, considering our budget is a small fraction of what games like Dirt spend on their games. The guys worked hard to keep it running at 60 frames per second too. Now easy task on the PS3 when you’re running at 1920x1080.

Q: Did ya'll set out to make the ultimate off roading video game?

A: We really wanted to strike a balance between accessibility and depth. I feel like we really succeeded in that. There are a lot of games that have set the pace for a game like Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, and we wanted to take the best parts from all those influences and create something our own from it.

Q: What is your favorite vehicle in Jeremy McGrath's Offroad and why?

A: McGrath’s Monster Energy Trophy Truck! Once it’s fully upgraded, it’s the meanest truck in the game. See you online!

Q: How have gamers been receiving Jeremy McGrath's Offroad?

A: People are loving it. They love the new physics and power sliding driving model. The suspension on the vehicles works great and really soaks up the bumps. But it still feels alive and challenging.

Q: How have families been receiving Jeremy McGrath's Offroad?

A: The game has excellent depth in the driving model to challenge dad once the vehicle is fully upgraded. But we also play tested the game with younger folks as well and made sure the experience was approachable for them too!

Q: What is one feature/mode/vehicle/item that ya'll wanted to get in, but were not able to?

A: Dynamic HDR would have been nice for this game. It would help take the lighting to the next step. We can do it, but we really wanted 60 FPS too, and thought took priority.

Q: Any talk of a sequel?

A: That’s always on the table! Let’s hope JMO is well received enough in the community to merit a sequel!

Q: Any talk of porting Jeremy McGrath's Offroad? If so to what system(s)?

A: It would be great to bring the game to hand held devices. Mobile phones and tablet for sure. Could even see it on a platform like STEAM.

Q: Jeremy McGrath's Offroad feels very realistic. How did ya'll do it? Because so many companies try and fail.

A: Thanks! Glad you enjoy the driving model and track design. The team here at 2XL has been designing the best offroad games in the world, going back to the old days at Rainbow Studios and Microsoft Motocross Madness and the PS2 version of ATV Offroad Fury. From our physics programmers to track designers and vehicle modellers, we’ve got a super talented team who have tremendous passion for what we do.

Q: Big air comes at us in Jeremy McGrath's Offroad out of the blue. When designing tracks did you purposely put in areas for players to go airborne?

A: Totally! A lot of people picture offroad racing as a muddy cornering and traversing crazy terrain. It certainly is that, but it’s just as much about getting sick air. If you watch the sport, you’ll be amazed how much air these gigantic vehicles get.

Q: Who is your favorite personality at Family Friendly Gaming?

A: Of course you, Paul!


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