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NCAA Football Sr. Product Manager Randy Chase Interview


Alan: What are the new features we can expect in NCAA Football 12?

Randy: The new features in the game start with graphics and gameplay. The graphics in the game have made a huge leap forward with HD grass, High Dynamic Range Lighting, new ESPN broadcast elements and new college traditions bringing gameday Saturdays to life. Gameplay has been upgraded with an enhanced tackling engine and smart zone coverage that gives players more control and authenticity on the field.

Major upgrades were also added to Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory. The coaching carousel and custom conferences were added to Dynasty Mode, offering more depth and customization to players. Road to Glory now allows players to play out their full senior season, get recruited by college teams and then fight for the starting spot once in college.

We have touched every part of the game with improvements asked for by the fans.

Alan: Will there be Kinect features? If so, which ones?

Randy: There will not.

Alan: What about Playstation Move?

Randy: There will not.

Alan: Will the console versions have online game modes? If so, which ones?

Randy: Yes. NCAA Football 12 features a number of online modes including head to head online play and Online Dynasty. In Online Dynasty, players and their friends can pick teams and attempt to lead their team to victory as an assistant coach or head coach.

Alan: Will there be a Nintendo 3DS version?

Randy: There will not.

Alan: A lot of fans view NCAA Football as 'the little brother' to Madden. But the last few years EA has really distinguished the two from one another. What is the main difference, in your opinion, between Madden 12 and NCAA Football 12.

Randy: EA SPORTS NCAA Football has distinguished itself from Madden over the years and this year is no different. From the traditions that are unique to college football to the authentic playbooks and gamplay of college football systems. The atmosphere is recreated in great detail and ESPN’s College Football Live graphics package makes you feel like you are watching a game on Saturday.

Alan: EA has opened up some real connection with their fans. Would EA look to introduce online voting for a cover athlete for NCAA Football 12 - as they did with Madden 12?

Randy: We actually did allow fans to vote on the cover of NCAA Football 12. Mark Ingram, Nick Fairley, DeMarco Murray and Jake Locker battled for the honor of gracing the cover. We also partnered with ESPN to allow fans to vote on the best tradition in college football.

Alan: EA Sports continues to top themselves every year. What new features or upgraded features are you most proud of in NCAA Football 12?

Randy: We are proud of all the features in the game especially this year because we have involved the community in helping us build this feature set. We took what the fans wanted and worked very hard deliver that in this year’s game. We even brought community members into the studio on 5 separate occasions in order to ensure we were on the right track.

Alan: How long have you been reading the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and/or visiting to the website?

Randy: I have been visiting over the 5 years I have been in the gaming industry.

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