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Jeff Bennett from Jake and the Never Land Pirates


Editor in chief Paul Bury interviewed Jeff Bennett from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates television show.

Paul Bury: What got you into voice acting?

Jeff Bennett: Oh gosh, started out of college Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas. I did a lot of impressions of relatives. Rich Little impressed me when I was younger and got me going. Then I realized I could do these voices professionally.

Paul Bury: So how many apples do you go through while voice acting?

Jeff Bennett: {Laughs} What?

Paul Bury: We saw a documentary about using apples before going to the microphone. (cut down on the phlegm)

Jeff Bennett: I know what your talking about. Only one, in twenty-one to twenty-two years.

Paul Bury: How many voices have you done?

Jeff Bennett: I dont know. Don't have to keep track, leave that to others. It was fun. You know at Comic Con people will ask me to do a voice, and I will be like I did that? Sure I can do that.

Paul Bury: What do you like best about working on Jake and the Never Land Pirates?

Jeff Bennett: Well, Cory Burton was one of first people I met. We auditioned for something years ago, and on the sidewalk he said: "we will work together soon". A month or two later I got cast in James Bond Jr with him. Love working him, and Captain Hook. He does things in a way where I can play off it in three or four ways. Sometimes we take three to six takes trying different things.

Paul Bury: What would you like upgraded/improved on Jake and the Never Land Pirates?

Jeff Bennett: I want to see Smee get to have revenge once in awhile. He also needs a vacation. Maybe Hook and Mr Smee can have a role reversal.

Paul Bury: Are you singing on the Sound Track?

Jeff Bennett: Not sure. Some of my voice should be in there. Maybe one or two of the songs.

Paul Bury: Do you have children of your own?

Jeff Bennett: A daughter who just turned twelve.

Paul Bury: Does she like Jake and the Never Land Pirates?

Jeff Bennett: She watched Dora when she was younger. She could not say swipper no swiping right. She would say swiffer no swiffing. She has not seen Jake and the Never Land Pirates. I test voices on her all the time to see what she likes. She is in the in between stage. Not quite a teenager yet, but starting to want to be.

Paul Bury: Does she recognize your voice in movies/shows you do?

Jeff Bennett: She does. A week ago I was at an event with Tom Brokaw for 9/11 Remberance. I do a character in The Penguins of Madagascar – Chuck Charles. It is based off of Tom Brokaw. She caught the connection immediately.

Paul Bury: Are you a fan of Peter Pan?

Jeff Bennett: Probably shouldn't say this since I play Mr Smee but yes I am. Took my daughter at the age of six to Disneyland, and that was the ride we went for. Unfortunatley it had the longest line, and we did not have fast pass. Finally got on the ride and it was great. Characters like Captain Hook are more fun to play to and with because you can sink your teeth into them as an actor.

Paul Bury: What is it like working at Disney?

Jeff Bennett: Aah well Disney is the ultimate sandbox to play in. There are so many classic voices. Just did an Xbox interactive game Got to voice Mr Smee as well as the white rabbit. I was surprised that no one had been needed to do the white rabbit recently.

Paul Bury: Was that Kinect Disneyland Adventures?

Jeff Bennett: Yes that is the one.

Paul Bury: Any differences between voice acting for a video game and movies/shows?

Jeff Bennett: Some. Video games are very specifically orientated to the player. So we have to do a voice for a certain situation. There is not much wiggle room to play with it. More freedom for TV and movies. But there is a difference between television and movies. They dont want it played so big in movies. Play it closer to the vest. I used to do more video games: Kingdom hearts, Merlin, and of course Mr Smee. Really are fun characters.

Paul Bury: Thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it here at Family Friendly Gaming. I really enjoyed getting to interview you.

Jeff Bennett: Thank you so much, this was fun.


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