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Interview with Virgo on Water Planet


June 2, in the year of our Lord 2017 --Family Friendly Gaming had some questions for Virgo concerning the upcoming VR video game Water Planet. Expect an oddball question or two in there.

Q. What all systems will Water Planet be on?
A. Non-VR Desktop PC, PC VR HTC Vive, PC VR Oculus

Q. How long will it take to complete Water Planet?
A. We're nearly there. The main development portion of Water Planet is complete, and now we're working on testing, bug discovery and are moving toward localization to offer the game with French and Spanish subtitles at launch.

Q. Too many VR games cause real world sickness. What is being done to avoid that in Water Planet?
A. As the VR userbase grows and as more titles reach the market, we're all adapting to all the different locomotion styles being used in VR games. Water Planet uses a fluid artificial locomotion system. When swimming in the water, it feels intuitive as you move by pointing the controller in the direction you wish to explore as you drift forward.

Q. What will be in each of three segments of Water Planet?
A. Water Planet features 4 levels that coincide with each of the 4 songs on the EP album. Each level builds off the of the previous level, leading you further into the world of Water Planet.

Q. Too many VR games are really short. What is being done to avoid that in Water Planet?
A. Water Planet allows one to wander off and explore a bit further. Length depends on the individual and their desired depth of exploration. The pacing for VR content is still tricky because of how different the delivery method is for story telling but we like to think we found a nice set of balances and pacing for the project.

Q. Which of the lies in the book Video Game Lies are you trying to raise awareness about?
A. Need to read it and get back to you. :)

Q. Which of the original FFG Videos (on our Youtube channel) do you like the best?
A. Job Simulator store clerk, getting robbed by Bandit Bot. Never gets old.

Q. What challenges are presented in making a VR game with water?
A. There's no universally accepted best practices yet for making a VR title, and there has been little water or swimming. We are very happy with how our artificial locomotion system works in the water and allows swimming in VR!

Q. How many resources will be in Water Planet?
A. On Water Planet the key resource is crystal shards you must collect to power your ship. These crystal shards were once an abundant resource on the planet, but now depleted, you must travel across great distances to find them. Luckily we'll meet a friend on the way who can help.

Q. Will there be crafting in Water Planet?
A. No. <3

Q. Will there be a physical copy version of Water Planet?
A. We're solely focusing on digital distribution at this time.

Q. How family friendly will Water Planet be?
A. Water Planet is very lighthearted, and definitely family friendly!


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