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Chad Lee from React Games on Presidents Run


Chad Lee from React Games took some time to answer some questions from Family Friendly Gaming.

Q. Any chances of President Ronald Reagan making it? He was amazingly popular.
A. We've got many President's in the line-up, Ronald Reagan being one of them. If you'd like to vote for one, go to our forums and suggest a President. The ones who get the most views or responses will definitely be put in. http://presidentsrun.com/forum/

Q. When did the app go live?
A. It went live 3 weeks ago.

Q. The first we heard of it there were already millions of votes cast, trying to rig the results?
A. Of course...you can even "buy" votes within the game to further your distances. But the main result that we're counting is the distance you run and that can't be faked or bought. You gotta run!

Q. How secure is your tracking method?
A. As secure as anything else out there. We have several checks to make sure posted scores are legitimate, but I can't go into detail about them.

Q. How often does the website update with results?
A. Immediately. If you run a race on your phone...wait a few seconds, then hit "refresh" on your browser and you'll see it update.

Q. Any plans to have less level repeating in a future update?
A. In the next update, we'll have another theme, which is a city-scape. We will have several themes before November...each theme is anchored in a current "hot" political topic.

Q. What is up with those cave jumps not working right?
A. You'll just have to practice on those. ;)

Q. Did you get the hope and change you expected in the last three years?
A. Hope is always there, even if the change doesn't come immediately. That's why they're re-elected every 4 years. :)

Q. Who else will ya'll be adding in the near future?
A. JFK, Nixon, Reagan, Vampire Jefferson and a whole plethora of zombie-like Presidents from long ago.

Q. What about those using iPod Touches that are not connected via a Wi-Fi? We take our iPod's with us places and play apps. When we get back into our network does it upload to ya'lls servers the hours of miles, and votes that were run?
A. Yes, when it detects a wifi connection, it uploads the saved data.

Q. Can we find our longest runs anywhere in some tracking? It shows our last run, and when we surpass our mark we know, but what about a spot to check for it?
A. The STATISTICS page, which is found in the OPTIONS menu tells you everything you need to know about what you've done. :)


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