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Bishop TD Jakes on International Faith and Family Film Festival


Paul Bury, the Editor in Chief of Family Friendly Gaming was blessed to be able to interview Bishop TD Jakes on the International Faith and Family Film Festival - in Dallas, August 29-31, at the Omni Dallas Hotel.

Q. What is the big things to look for at the International Faith and Family Film Festival ?

A. First time doing it as part of MEGAFEST. We’re thrilled about the long list of new films and projects to unveil. Faith based and family friendly films are the focus of course, but there is more. Actors and producers will be involved. So writers and screenwriters can connect with them.

IFFFQ. How many people are expected to attend the International Faith and Family Film Festival ?

A. Expecting 50K. This is one of many events, Oprah Winfrey will be involved, there will be a comedy show with Cedric The Entertainer.

Q. From how far away do people come to attend the International Faith and Family Film Festival?

A. Japan is the furthest. London, and the Continental United States will also be represented.

Q. Youtube and Facebook have been in trouble recently for censoring Christians, have ya'll faced this problem?

A. We have not had the same amount of problems as others. Forged relationships in Hollywood to bypass the red tape. Bible stories on Discovery channel helps educate Hollywood that there is a market. The more people support it the better.

Q. What is being done specifically to assist in the entertainment media’s influence in helping shape cultural messages and bring people to Christ?

A. Pointing out to Hollywood there is a market for the faith based films. The family friendly films based on good Biblical lessons make money – and that is what they pay attention to.

Q. What can churches do to better support Christian values in entertainment?

A. Mobilize our churches in a way that has not been done before – as a conduit, and as a way to get the word out. In the past the church was not seen in this light, but more churches are acknowledging it and coming on board.

Q. Is there anything being done to assist Christian media outlets?

A. Oooh yes, *lol* We are marketing everyone. I was on MSNBC, CNN, FOX, everywhere that will listen.

Q. Are you one of the three million members of Family Friendly Gaming Nation?

A. No. Don't know enough. I really need to research, and learn more about what you guys do. I am willing to admit when I do not know something.

Q. Christian movies has made a resurgence in recent years. What about Christian television shows?

A. Don't really know. Bible stories would work. Hope we can work on this in the future. Faith films do not need to be segregated. The audience should not respond in a way that it is not for them. We need to address the issues without turning them off before they start watching.

Q. Any plans for Christian video game versions of these movies?

There was not enough time for this question. We want to thank Bishop TD Jakes for his time, and plethora of answers. Family Friendly Gaming hopes to see video games based off of faith based films in the future. We had a great time with Bishop TD Jakes, and he is welcome within Family Friendly Gaming Nation anytime.

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