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Cordova, TN; January 29, in the year of our Lord 2024 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. We had quite the baffling experience with Daily Motion recently. I am still not clear on a lot of what happened and the reasoning behind it. Let me share what I do. know. Out of all the video upload sites we use Daily Motion is one of the absolute worst to work with. Someone makes a copyright claim on a video and they delete the video and threaten the channel. They do not even attempt to follow the fair use copyright laws in the United States of America. Maybe because they are from France.

Out of the blue we got this email from Daily Motion that they deleted our channel. The email stated we violated their TOS and to go and read the TOS. Went to TOS and it is a giant page with all kinds of stuff on it. There was no mention of which part of it we allegedly violated. They canceled us. We went to the site and sure enough we were gone and so were the thousands of videos we have uploaded for a great many years. I was like fine, we can be done with this annoying site. My only interest was the unpaid money that was sitting in the account. So I reached out to support to find out about that money and when we would paid. I suspected they would not send us any money at all. Just a feeling with how they have behaved in the past.

Support did their standard we only pay out when the money reaches a certain threshold. Here is where it gets interesting. We were deleted and canceled for having a link to the Store page on the Family Friendly Gaming website. According to support we are not allowed to make any money. We are supposed to be slave labor that makes them money. Nice double standard there eh?!? We were told to do and edit thousands of videos and remove the link. Do you have any idea how many hours that would take with their archaic setup website? I estimated it would cost us around three thousand dollars to do that work. There is verbiage on our website that states if a company leaves our content online for twenty-four hours and then requests a change they agree to pay our estimated cost of work.

As you could expect they want us to follow all of their rules, but they spit on our rules and claim they are not bound by any of our rules. We are just slave labor to them after all. We can't profit but they can. We must follow their rules, but they refuse to obey any of ours. Starting to see a pattern? We told them we go public with our experiences. From there we were escalated up to management. All of a sudden we never violated their TOS, and the channel was reinstated. They reiterated that we must follow all of their rules, and none of our rules matter at all. If we did not violate their rules why even state that there?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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