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Cordova, TN; January 31, in the year of our Lord 2022 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. We are constantly brain storming and discussing a plethora of ideas for ways to improve Family Friendly Gaming when the money comes in. We started video shorts in the middle of last year. It was not a planned expansion at all. Princess has turned into a little video short star because we started doing those videos. We have tried a wide array of other kinds of videos as well in the vertical format from a phone. We have uploaded a plethora of the short videos on different video sites we are affiliated with.

Late in 2021 we started another new idea. We have been doing FFG Reacts videos to different trailers. These are movie trailers, game trailers and more. Again here is another shorter video than we normally do. We publish plenty of long live streams. It is neat to do something short here and there. As I write this column I just finished a recording session of some more game and movie trailers. As this continues to grow we are looking at other things to react to. We are always listening to your feedback. If there is something family friendly that you want us to react to we will look at it. We continue to kick the tires on other ideas as well. The FFG Politics is another great example of this.

Something I would love to do more of is sports videos. We have some ideas for sports related videos. We keep looking at it and see what makes sense. I may not know everything about every sport. I do have my opinions on a variety of sports, athletes, divisions, and leagues. Maybe in 2022 we will get some sports videos published. Some of them are going to be a bit late this is always a problem. We have gotten faster in our recording to processing to publishing timelines. We still need to get better. I see other channels with reactions to something the next day. We are not quite there yet with our one week schedule planned a week in advance. We may need to open some doors there to ensure we have some flexibility.

As we get the revenue we plan on improving even more aspects of the website and clipart used in and with videos/live streams. We have also talked about a professional backdrop with our logos on it. That does get a bit on the pricey side. So we need to bring in more donations, sponsorships, and advertisements. We continue to be very wise with our spending. The baby step methodology of improving Family Friendly Gaming continues to work really well for us. It is funny to hear from long time readers and viewers at how things are constantly getting better. That is our goal and it is great to hear. We keep implementing new ideas to grow and improve. We never know where the next inspiration will come from. This is also why we do not plan out changes for a year. When we have something new to implement and have an opening we go for it. No need to wait.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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