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Major Problems with Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Challenges



Cordova, TN; August 30, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. I have seen the third major challenge in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. I am noticing a major problem with the pattern Mediatonic is using. First there was the Rachet Challenge, then the Clank Challenge and now the Glizzy Gang Showdown. These have gotten progressively more obnoxious with each release. What you had to do with the Ratchet Challenge was:

1 Dive 30 times
2 Qualify from Survival Rounds 4 times
3 Earn at least a Bronze Medal in Any Round 10 times
4 Reach Round 3 in Squad Duos Show
5 Dive 50 times
6 Earn at least a Silver Medal in Any Round 10 times
7 Reach Round 4 in Squad Duos Show
8 Earn at least a Gold Medal in Any Round 5 times
9 Qualify from Survival Rounds 10 times
10 Win Squads Duos

Each one of these achievements earned the player so many points. They would earn these items along the way:

1 Ratchet Banner
2 Ratchet Colour
3 Lombax Pattern
4 Ratchet Costume Lower
5 Ratchet Costume Upper
6 Groovitron Emote

For the Clank Challenges here is what was required of the player:

1 Jump 20 times
2 Grab 10 Players during a Round
3 Earn at least a Bronze Medal in Any Round 2 times
4 Reach Round 2 in Squad Trios Show
5 Dive 40 times
6 Earn at least a Silver Medal in Any Round 5 times
7 Qualify from Team Rounds 1 times
8 Reach Round 4 in Squad Trios Show
9 Earn at least a Gold Medal in Any Round 5 times
10 Win Squads Trios

The rewards for the Clank Challenge were:

1 Clank Banner
2 Clank Colour
3 Clank Pattern
4 Clank Costume Lower
5 Clank Costume Upper
6 Clank's Laugh Emote

All of these were achievable for a single player with the exception of winning the squads duos or trios. Which meant you only missed out on the Emotes. Honestly the emotes did not interest me anyways so I did not care. I was happy to get the skins.

For the Glizzy Gang Showdown here is what you needed to do:

1 Reach Round 4 in Main Show
2 Reach the Final Round in Main Show
3 Win Main Show
4 Reach Round 4 in Squad Duos Show
5 Reach the Final Round in Squad Duos Show
6 Win Squad Duos Show
7 Reach Round 4 in Squads Show
8 Reach the Final Round in Squads Show
9 Win Squads Show
10 Win Squads Show 2 times

The rewards are as follows:

1 Glizzy Gang Nickname
2 Vaporwave Colour
3 Tech Icons Pattern
4 Golden Hotdog Banner
5 Golden Hotdog Costume Lower
6 Golden Hotdog Costume Upper

I have won the Main Show plenty of times. But during the couple of days the Glizzy Gang Showdown was around I was having little luck. I tried Squad Duos Show and Squads Show for hours and no dice. I made it to the Final Round in Squad Duos Show once and the game did not give me the reward. I had squad mates leave the game, stand there and do nothing, and show complete and total incompetence. All the while there were people with the golden hot dog costume in there competing against us. They already got all of it why are they allowed back in? Why must I fail because a team mate leaves the game? Come on Mediatonic it is not our fault if a squad mate leaves. The scoring should be based on how many are left in the team. It should adjust accordingly. I love wasting my time and all these challenges have done is expose the major glitches, errors and bugs in this game. Ultimately these challenges have made me despise Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. I was going to buy some skins but not now. Mediatonic just lost some sales with this little ploy.

Here is what Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout needs to do. First give players real options to win these things. For example, once I jumped 20 times that challenge went away. It would be better it if was replaced with a similar one for the same amount of points. Maybe jump 40 more times to get the same amount of points. That way there is a path to the end challenge goal without having to rely on other players and hope to get on a good squad. I tried to carry some people in Duos and it was impossible. Forget about it in Squads or Trios. Why not match us at similar levels? I look at the golden hot dog skin and think it’s ugly. I also think Mediatonic only rewarded those who get to play the game eight hours a day. Some of us have real lives to live and can only devote thirty minutes to sixty minutes a day tops. Some days I don’t have time to play it at all. If your looking for bad press Mediatonic you just achieved it. You guys need to clean that up.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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