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Cordova, TN; September 27, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. The selfish nature of video game PR and Marketing gets under my skins some days. I want to go over a couple of examples in this article. The first one is when they want more work done on a game after work has just been completed. The second one is when they want us to do the same work again. Both of these make me shake my head. Especially when we factor in the fact they never pay for the work order requests they make. They benefit from our hard work and do not even throw in a financial tip as a thank you. Let alone pay for the some of the costs they incur. It would be like ordering at a restaurant, never paying and enjoying the meal, and then after never paying asking for more free food. How could a restaurant stay in business?

It astounds me that the thank you some people in PR and Marketing give is to ask for more work. I have spent the time and money publishing a press release for some people in PR and Marketing to have them ask me about putting in the links and/or the trailer for the product. Both of those are definitely advertisements. I very politely agree to their second work order request once they agree to pay for the advertisement they are asking for. These wealthy companies making all kinds of money can’t find the financial resources to pay for those ads. So they don’t get the links and they don’t get the trailers. I find it kind of rude of them to ask for this work in the first place after not paying for the previous work. There are others that say in an email: “Since you covered this game before, here is more information you can publish about it.” Why didn’t you provide that the first time? Are you in the habit of wasting our limited time and financial resources in such a manner? Do you expect all we want to do is cover your product? We already covered your product, why do we need to do the same thing again? Our readers know about your product already. If you want more then provide some payment. Of course they have an entitlement mentality where they should get everything for free. They think they are special and we are slave labor.

It really irritates me when a PR and Marketing firm sends over a press release we already published. Some PR and Marketing firms send this over weeks or even months later. Why are they changing the date in the press release and expecting us to pay for the same work a second time? Ultimately they have no respect for our limited financial resources. They never pay in and have an expectation of getting everything for free. I have a little trick I play on these PR and Marketing firms when they do this. I reply to their email with the original link we published the story. So if the story was published a week ago they get that one. If the story was published a month ago they get that link again. I tried fussing at them for their wasteful and unethical deeds and it did no good. Their only focus is getting as much coverage for their clients as possible. If we publish the same story for ten days straight in a row they don’t care. If we go out of business because of them they don’t care. Ultimately it comes down to they don’t care about us. We are a means to an end. They love telling their clients they reached our 9.4 million readers in 2021. It cost them nothing. We even correct their mistakes in the press releases. So they are not expected to even be competent. There are even people in PR and Marketing that send over sarcastic hateful remarks when we point out we corrected their mistakes.

I would love to see major reforms in the video game industry in this realm. I would love to be able to enforce fines every single time one of these PR and Marketing firms tries these under handed and wasteful tricks. I would love to be able to fine them for mistakes in press releases. I suspect they would be a bit better with their work if they were held accountable. If you want to see the sloppy, lazy work from people never held accountable then just look at press releases. It really irritates me when these PR and Marketing folks brag about getting massive bonuses from sales of products they represented. Guess how many dollars of those bonuses have been shared with us at Family Friendly Gaming? Zero dollars have been shared with us even though we did all of that hard work for them. Yet our hard work helped them achieve that success. We are an after-thought at best if ever thought about at all. What can you do to clean up this problem? We have spoken out about it to see real meaningful change and reform.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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