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Cordova, TN; October 4, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. It dawned on me recently that we have not touched on this topic in some years. The process we use for improvement here at Family Friendly Gaming is baby steps. We make all kinds of incremental changes from day to day, issue to issue, month to month, and year to year. We publish and produce so much content that it can be challenging to find the time to make improvements. There are days that I would love to make all kinds of massive improvements. But pages need to be completed in the magazine, videos need to be recorded, streams need to be completed, emails need to be answers, games need to be played for review, and there is the day job, and normal chores around the house.

There are people who have called me one of the hardest working forces within the video game industry. I get tired from all that I do every single day. I would love to lounge around and watch a sports game, or binge watch some television show. I hear others constantly talking about all these hours of entertainment they let enter into their minds. I think that must be nice to be able to sit around and relax all those hours. What really gets under my skin is when those same people complain about some quality of something we did. They never lifted a finger to help or suggest improvements. Instead they complain in the most hateful and negative way possible. Is it possible all of that entertainment entering into their minds is messing up their perspective?

The cool thing about the baby steps methodology is looking at where we have come from. We can go back into the past and see the massive improvements over time. Remember this is coming from people with no talent, no skills, and no knowledge in what we are doing with Family Friendly Gaming. The fact that anything is produced, let alone the massive amount of content, is a miracle within itself. If you actually want us to continue to get better then check out the Help button on the top of this page. There are a plethora of ways you can assist us to get even better. Not everything required money either.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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