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April 28, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- UpRoom Games’ turn-based, deck-building strategy game A Token War is launching today on Steam! A game literally dreamed up by solo developer Brian Drake, A Token War features tons of replayability, a local Vs. mode, and both designed and procedural encounters – encouraging creative play at every turn.

A Token War combines deck-building and turn-based strategy into a novel (and challenging!) roguelite experience. As players assemble a unique collection of tokens, they battle across five distinct regions and upgrade their stronghold – eventually learning powerful spells that add a whole new dimension to tactical combat.

One stressful night, after Brian had been coding “too furiously for too long,” he dreamed of a game that combined chess and collectible card games. What made this game truly unique was that it incorporated the positional and adjacency-based tactics of chess – augmented by spells and card game mechanics. In his dream, Brian kept trying to show the game to a roommate – but the laptop in question (and its cooling fan) kept filling up with crackers.

For most of us, this would be the end of the story. However, after waking up and really thinking about the dream for three days straight, Brian realized there was only one move left: to code that strange “token-board-card game thing.” But before Brian could create A Token War, he first needed to learn how to make games ...

“As a kid, I used to write to Nintendo about my great new ideas for the next great Nintendo game. This might sound pretty normal, but there was a twist: I wanted to make the game myself. Ultimately, I got my computer science degree and ended up at a couple of web startups doing 2D and 3D computer graphics – but after eight or nine hours every day, I resigned myself to making games in my spare time. It was painfully obvious: I was truly happy only when working on my own creative ideas for games. So I quit my job. With enough time to hone my craft and really focus on game development, I eventually dreamed about this quirky little game about tokens.”
– Brian Drake (founder, UpRoom Games)


A New Style of Deck-Building: Build a collection of unique tokens and spells to use in battle.
Turn-Based Strategy: Command your tokens on unique game boards designed to fuse deck-building with classic, positional strategy games like chess.
Designed & Procedural Encounters: Each encounter combines designed and procedural elements to create a more varied and dynamic play experience.
Powerful Upgrades: Earn new and powerful upgrades for your stronghold.
Local “Vs.” Mode: Challenge your friends and family to a battle of wits in a unique draft system using a shared pool of tokens!

A Token War is now available on Steam for $9.74 – a 25% discount. On May 5, the game will return to its retail price of $12.99.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system(s) in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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