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Cordova, TN; February 15, in the year of our Lord 2020 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing our transparency. I am feeling a mixture of exhaustion and disgust all at the same time. Peter was live streaming a sponsored video on Youtube which he correctly identified as a sponsored video. Youtube suspended and deleted our channel right in the middle of that (February 14, 2020). There were no warnings. There were no strikes against us. Our account was clean and clear. Our account had fought off the Reused Content false accusation, and multiple false copyright strike accusations. We have fought for what is right over a year now. Youtube comes up with some new scam to punish us for being Christian and conservative.

At this point I am fed up with Youtube. I am sick and tired of always having to fight them as they continue to abuse their power. I am sick of the swamp of corruption that is Youtube. We just got the 100K plaque celebrating how Family Friendly Gaming passed one hundred thousand subscribers. We were actually almost to 104K subscribers when this happened. Someone at Youtube obviously hates us. Someone at Youtube is obviously trying to cancel and destroy us. We worked hard these last six and half years making good quality videos that are many times educational, and sometimes entertaining. We do not scam or spam with our channel. We are not misleading anyone in anything.

At this point I am sick and tired of this garbage. Youtube can change the rules whenever they want to. Youtube can redefine words to discriminate against people they hate. Youtube can lie, and falsely accuse without any punishment. I quickly appealed their bad decision, and then started researching it. I know I did that backwards. I was freaking out. Here again Youtube was adding stress and anxiety to my life. I think they are trying to kill me with their venom and hatred. I tried to go back and add to my appeal. I found out at that point that Youtube allows one appeal only, and then whatever they decide stands. They have zero transparency into their process. The appeal was denied. We have reached out to Youtube contacts and we have trying to get some assistance.

I have had enough of their constant discrimination against Christians, conservatives, men, traditional, and white people. This has gone on for too long. Youtube has gotten worse and worse. Their behavior should be boycotted by anyone with common sense, civility, and decency. Even if they reinstate our channel, what is to stop them from doing this again? They are so abusive, obtuse, and arrogant that they will allow this horrible behavior to continue within their company. For a year Youtube has cost us tens of thousands of dollars we earned. We project the lifespan of our channel could reach 100 million dollars. That is money Youtube is stealing from us based on a false accusation. Why go back to a place that treats me like a slave, and worse?

What does the future hold for our videos then? At this point in time I do not know. I am sick of Youtube. I am tired of their discrimination. I am tired of their harassment. I am tired of experiencing their hatred. I really do not know of any viable alternatives. I may look into additional server space to house videos on our website. There are of course potential problems with that. I may be completely done with videos. We can still stream on Twitch so that is something. I have looked before and not found good alternatives to Youtube for our videos. The other sites are even worse on the copyrighted music. I do not know if there are any good solutions going forward. Evil is obviously flourishing because good men and women are doing nothing. We have brought this issue to your attention. Can you help?

CALL TO ACTION: Please go to Youtube, on the bottom left of the screen is a leave feedback button. Please click that button and leave this feedback: "Please restore/reinstate the FamilyFriendlyGaming YT channel." If enough people leave this feedback Youtube just might reverse the decision.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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