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Cordova, TN; November 30, in the year of our Lord 2020 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. We continue to be open and transparent here at Family Friendly Gaming. We love bringing a voice of diversity to video game media. We also happily give the voice of the family in the video game industry. Finally we enjoy giving the Biblical voice to the video game industry. We are working on a new video series called FFG Politics. We plan on using this new video series to discuss political topics that are important to families. All that we ask is everyone be polite, and civil. We understand that emotions are running high especially right after the most contentious and close president election we have seen in our lifetimes. We may even try to do these as live streams at some point. That has not been decided. It can be dangerous since haters like to derail things.

Some topics we are looking at exploring in FFG Politics right now are No Faith in the Election Process, Fake News Bias, Reactions to a President Biden, Why America Won’t Heal. We understand that there are people who are in support of Biden (or maybe they just hate President Trump). We understand there are people in support of President Trump. We know there are all kinds of investigations, and accusations of the election being stolen thanks to fraudulent votes. We have heard stories of lists being made to attack anyone who does not go along with the new dictator in chief, err commander in chief. The Fake News is doing a lot to make their wishes and dreams come true with manipulative reporting and many times outright lies.

There are Americans who believe in being obedient to God. There are Americans who believe in rebelling against God and attacking those that are obedient. The election of 2020 was a mess, a dumpster fire, and third world tactics were utilized. The reality is the election reflected how bad America has gotten. Poor leadership in certain areas of the country has led to the rise of those that hate this country. There are those that want to tear it all down and destroy those who are diverse from them. Fake News has thrown gasoline on those fires or lied about the violence again and again. Living and let live has become a phrase from history instead of a mantra how to behave. Anger and hatred have been on the rise from the political left for some time now. The Future Glimpses books explored this concept and showed that the inevitable outcome is America splitting up into multiple countries. Unless hearts change that is the path we are on.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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