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Cordova, TN; July 20, in the year of our Lord 2020 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to pull back the curtain of the video game industry. We have discussed the radical far leftist beliefs of too many companies making video games. We have discussed discrimination against conservatives and Christians in the video game industry. We have discussed the control freak nature of too many video game companies. We have discussed how video game companies black list media outlets for publishing content they don’t like. We have discussed the lack of backbone by too many video game media outlets. We have not discussed the biggest problems in gaming media today. That is what this article aims to do. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride.

Human beings have flaws. I have flaws. You have flaws. Humans running video game companies have flaws. Humans working for gaming media outlets have flaws. This is a known commodity. Being given a game free, and before the rest of the world is a bit of a problem. Especially when swag is sent, or other incentives to buy game reviewers to provide a better score. When the carrot does not work then the stick is brought out. Too few gaming media outlets stick with their guns on morals, ethics, and integrity. They might say they have them, but few actually do. Video game companies love working with fanboys because those brain washed lemmings will say what they want to hear. Sort of like the Emperor’s New Clothes. They don’t want a prophet like Micaiah to tell them how it really is. The longer most video game reviewers are around the easier it is to go along to get along. No need to make waves. This professional apathy is a major problem. It also leads to not so good games getting hammered ever harder to fix the average score.

Gaming media is way too reliant on the video game companies. Think about it for a minute. Who sends us press releases? Who sends us videos? Who sends us games? Who sends us images? Video game media is waiting on the video game companies to provide something. Now of course the video game companies are providing the best assets to make their game look good. There is no checks and balances here. If you are a sports writer you can write about the games coming up, trades, injuries, player stats, etc. All of that is already public knowledge. If you are writing about politics you can read the bills and educate people to what is in them. You can try to interview certain politicians to get their take, and then spin it however you want. If someone refuses to talk to you, then you can write about how they are ducking you. Political columnist can write about what should happen, and decide on what stories to report. Yes, they actually leave quite a few stories out because it does not further the narrative they want promoted.

After a game is released then anyone can write anything about that game. It is now in the public forum. How many people want to know what games are coming? How many pay attention to previews to decide if they should pre-order a game or not. The gaming media is almost always co-opted when you decide to pre-order. Bugs, and other issues with games will not be visible to anyone by the time you made your decision. For decades you probably heard the video game media to video game company relationship is symbiotic. In recent years that relationship has become imbalanced in favor of the video game companies. Too few gaming media outlets even attempt to struggle anymore. They lose advertisements, press releases, and other assets by being actual hard hitting journalists. The video game companies are a python choking out video game media outlets. They can destroy whomever they want because there are other gaming media outlets that will give them their way. If there was journalist integrity and solidarity the video game companies would be forced to change. If no one wrote about a companies video game announcement because that company was treating certain video game media outlets bad; that company would change, or lose all kinds of profits.

I challenge all video game media outlets to grow a backbone, and band together against the video game companies that have mistreated too many gaming media outlets over the years. If they did it to us for pointing out their lies do you really think you are safe? We do not need to agree to stand with one another. We do not need to be on same political aisle to work together for a better industry. Don’t you want to be creative in criticism? Don’t you want to do the right thing? Don’t you want to have journalist integrity?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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