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Cordova, TN; April 15, in the year of our Lord 2019--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing our transparency at the horrible things happening with Youtube. We attempted multiple communications with Youtube over their demonetization of the Family Friendly Gaming Youtube channel that happened out of the blue with no warning and no legitimate reason. Supposedly Youtube claimed after five and a half years we were re-using too much content. They refuse to tell us what video(s), and they refused to tell us what content. They also refused to let us talk to a supervisor or someone that could work with us in improving our channel based on their vicious false accusations. We filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau, contacted our local US Representative, and contacted the State Attorney General’s Office.

After waiting the thirty-one days we re-appled for monetization of our channel like it had been for five and a half years. We blocked all comments and made it where we have to approve any comment before it goes public. We made hundreds of company trailers private on our Youtube channel. We dropped how many videos we release on Youtube. All of this was done based on Internet research we did from other channels being treated like slaves by Youtube. We just heard back from Youtube and they said: “FamilyFriendlyGaming is being held for further review to make sure it meets our policies and we will re-review your application in the near future.” Again no direction, and no guidance. They point us to the policies and community guidelines we have read over hundreds of times already. We see no policy or guideline violations. How can we get better according to Youtube if we have no clue what we are allegedly violating?

Guess what Youtube’s response was? We were told to go to the Creator Support help page. We cannot access it because we were demonetized and removed as a Youtube Partner. Research I have done shows that other channels put into this further review status never hear back. Another typical cowardly move by a radical far leftist company that discriminates against Christians and conservatives. They do not want to work with anyone to make things better. Instead they want to keep all the ad revenue and treat us like slaves. Our videos have advertisements on them still. We are not getting paid for our hard work though. Youtube takes all of the money. If our videos are so offensive to advertisers how can Youtube profit off of them?

Where do we go from here? We have filed another complaint against Youtube with the Better Business Bureau. We have made multiple communication attempts with Youtube. We are exploring a legal option against Youtube. We are continuing to stream on Twitch. We are moving videos over to Daily Motion, and some videos before they reach Youtube (like Castlevania Circle of the Moon). We put a few videos on Metacafe. We are also starting to put our videos on bit.Tube. We request Family Friendly Gaming supports us on these other video sites so we can bring in revenue that allows us to keep the doors open. Change is scary, and we did not create this situation. We are trying to survive after Youtube has been so ugly, mean, hateful and nasty to us.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.
{UPDATE} We are also trying to get an Indie Boost account to get paid for videos.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming

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