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Cordova, TN; March 12, in the year of our Lord 2019--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing our transparency. We recently lost monetization on our channel for 30 days. This is a minimum. We may never get monetization on Youtube ever again. Are we being discriminated against because we are Christians? Are we being discriminated against because we are conservatives? Extremely radical far left companies like Youtube have been known to do that exact thing before. I do not have enough evidence to level such an accusation at this time. I have my suspicions. I do know for certain Youtube is now stealing money from us and treating us like slaves. They are getting wealthy off of our hard work and not sharing the wealth.

Youtube claims they demonetized our channel with no warning, and no plan to recovery because of Reuse content. They are claiming we are reusing content owned by other channels. This is a complete and total lie. I went round and round with one of their people over this. They refused to tell me which video(s) they identified. They refused to tell me which content they claimed was being reused. They refuse to tell me what percentage of videos. All they would tell me was they have a program that checks for this. They have all of their faith, hope, trust, and belief in this mythical program. I have zero faith, hope, trust and belief in their program. I know programs are written by humans who make mistakes. I know programs are tweaked and corrected all of the time. The biggest problem is Youtube is so arrogant they won’t admit these facts. They expect us to be good little slaves and go along with whatever far fetched story they come up with.

Without any knowledge on what they are identifying we have no way of knowing what to do to get back in “compliance” again. Their policies are vague and subjective. Two days before this happened we turned comments back on. We pointed out their blocking all comments was an extremely radical and far left thing to do. Punish everyone instead of just those doing wrong. We have policed our comments for years and Youtube never paid us for that work. It is highly suspicious after we call them out, and turn the comments back on that our channel is totally demonetized. All videos, not just ones they identify as Reuse content. We have plenty of original videos on Youtube. That is our copyright that we are being denied payment for. Youtube is making money off of our copyright. We are just slaves to them.

I am still aggravated over this days later. I am still disgusted at the corruption and abuse at Youtube. They are blatantly pushing us away, wronging us, and being evil to us. Why should we spend all this time and money working on videos that we can not get paid for? That is in essence slavery since Youtube benefits from it. We have started working on streaming videos on Twitch. We are asking everyone in Family Friendly Gaming Universe to please follow us on Twitch. We are asking all of our Youtube followers to please follow us on Twitch. New videos will come out on Twitch first, and then maybe a month or two later appear on Youtube. There is going to be plenty of exclusive content on Twitch. We are also exploring an account on Vimeo, and maybe a totally different Youtube channel for our original videos. We are moving all trailers on our Youtube channel into private. They can still be viewed on our website thanks to the embedded code (or we think so). We really need your help here. We used that Youtube money to pay certain bills. We have no idea how we will pay these bills in the upcoming months. Please pray for our financial situation.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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