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Cordova, TN; January 7, in the year of our Lord 2019--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is sharing interesting experiences related to Fortnite. Both of my teenage sons have played Fortnite. One played it for awhile and does not play it as much. The other one plays Fortnite quite a bit. In fact he purchases cards to buy things within this game. I have seen Fortnite. I have watched them play Battle Royales and Save the World. I have listened to them talk about all kinds of Fortnite related things. I had not played it myself. I am so busy doing so many things that sitting around playing an online video game does not appeal to me. I generally like to play alone. I don’t like playing with others that often. I really see no point in going into a game where one in one hundred winds up winning. Talk about Hunger Game odds.

While we have been on Christmas Break I decided to find some time to play Fortnite. I was given a crash course by Peter. Do not go into major cities because those are like the Hunger Games right at the beginning. You will die quickly. Get resources and weapons quickly. Learn how to build. Learn how to target other players. Use the shields to get more health. Look this way and that way to see if a trap is on the ceiling or floor. Honestly my head was swimming with information. I knew Fortnite had complexity to it, but this was beyond what I had expected. I also knew all of the knowledge in the world was not going to help me without some experience. So I dove in and started to play Fortnite. I learned how to swap weapons and crouch. I learned how to jump and listen to where other players were coming from. I did this in Creative before trying my first Battle Royale.

I got into my first match and made my first mistake. I went into a city and found a weapon. I did not change the weapon when another player walked up right behind me. My skin showed that I am a total noob. I then used my pickaxe on him instead of swapping weapons. He took me out with one shot gun blast. I ranked 85th in that battle. I then decided to change tactics into something that made more sense to me. I found a weapon and some shielding. I found a room where I could safely hide. I did so as the map shrunk in over and over again. I had my weapon trained on the doorway waiting for anyone to come through. No one did. The map started to shrink even smaller and I had to move. I got shot and made it to cover. I tried to line up the other player and missed horribly. They took me out. I ranked 10th in that battle. Hiding is definitely a strategy that worked for me. I knew I would not get better though. My next battle I ranked 23rd as I tried to engage more.

Something dawned on me at this point. Maybe the twenty versus twenty mode would be better for me to learn the game. Only half of the players would be after me and I would have team mates to assist me. I started playing that mode. I was on the winning team every single time. On my fourth match I finally eliminated someone. I felt like I broke through a wall. I felt like I finally had achieved something in Fortnite. I see the allure to this game. The app like daily missions, along with the other quests bring people back again and again. There are enough players to get into a match easily. Matches can be different as there are so many areas of the map, and it shrinks into different regions in each match. I enjoyed flying in a plane and blowing apart buildings. I am still learning Fortnite. I have already progressed way faster than I expected. My teenage sons are impressed I would try it.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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