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Dark Side of Gaming - Slavery



Cordova, TN; July 1, in the year of our Lord 2019--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing our requested series on the DARK SIDE OF GAMING. This article is on the extremely important issue of slavery in the video game industry. When it comes to really good people being abused the video game industry is at or near the top of offenders. People give their lives to companies and are paid less than minimum wage when you calculate their salary versus the hours they work. Many of them have a dream of making their own games. Sadly they are trampled upon while a few at the top benefit from their hard work. Others see their dreams destroyed as their idea gets warped into something unrecognizable.

For us at Family Friendly Gaming we see too many people in PR and Marketing treat us like their slaves. I lost track of how many people told me – “I did you a favor by sending you a press release to post.” First off it is not doing me a favor to make you or your client money. Second off we publish press releases, we do not post them. There is too much garbage that has to be removed, too many spelling errors, too many grammar errors, and too many lies for us to just post something. If other gaming media outlets want to post all of those errors that is their business and probably another reason they are seen in such a bad light.

The entitlement mentality from the PR and Marketing moochers is astounding. They always assume we will publish whatever they send to us. Even if it on the same game for ten weeks straight in a row. I remember one place who essentially sent the same press release ten days in a row. We had already published it. They did not care. They just kept sending it and expected us to do the same work for them ten days in a row. Sadly they do not pay for that work either. They expect us to be their slaves. They expect us to make them wealthy while we struggle to pay our bills. This is the most insulting part to me. We help them out of the kindness of our hearts and less than one percent come back and do anything that helps us pay our bills.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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