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Cordova, TN; February 5, in the year of our Lord 2018--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing a concern in the video game industry. As you probably know when there is a trend in video games, everyone jumps on board. Follow the leader is common in video games. In fact plenty of gamers, reviewers, and others have complained about this jumping on the bandwagon mentality that exists in the video game industry. Clones are quite common in video games. The current trend is indie video games. Everyone and their brother wants to release some indie game. This is fine because there are plenty of interesting ideas that are now making it to market. Well as long as you can stomach the 8-bit to 16-bit graphics, and music.

I noticed a recent trend in indie games. Okay it may not be that recent. I have been noting it for a year or more here at Family Friendly Gaming. What is this trend I speak of? Many indie games include one wrinkle. They are based around one clever idea. After that one wrinkle, or one idea they fall flat. Indie games are becoming cookie cutter games with one interesting idea in them. I hate to say it, but too many indie games are not innovative. There are not many indie games transforming the video game industry for the better. In fact this trend will have to end at some point, and a new trend will take its place. I have no idea what that new trend might be.

Do not think I am hating on indie games. Family Friendly Gaming welcomes all kinds of video games. We love Christian video games. We enjoy sports games. We crush those puzzle games with a regular occurrence. We triple jump our way through action adventure platformers. We give the little guy a break in terms of reviews. It gets old to see everyone have some indie game. It gets tiring to find one interesting tidbit in an indie game, and then it becomes a complete dull monotone experience. I also noticed some indie games are being rushed to market. What can be done about this problem? I honestly have no idea. I just wanted to bring it up. I just wanted it out there for conversation within the video game industry. What will you do to make this problem better?

Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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