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Cordova, TN; January 15, in the year of our Lord 2018--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is laying the smacketh down on the console video game publishers and manufacturers. The time has come for them to stop being arrogant, selfish, and greedy. They need to open the doors and allow console gamers to choose our own mods. I can choose whatever mods I want on the Personal Computer (PC). Why is that blocked and banned on the consoles? I loved Minecraft for a very long time. I can mod Minecraft however I want on the PC. I can pick and choose what mods to apply to Minecraft on the PC. Yet when it comes to the consoles I can’t. I can only buy what some company executive thinks I want. I have a news flash for you. You don’t know me, and you are wrong about what mods I want.

There are a variety of knocks against consoles. Please bear in mind I am a consoles first gamer personally. I find it more comfortable to play on consoles than the PC. Whenever I find a cool game on the PC I want it ported over to one of the consoles. Do not think I am some PC gamer trashing consoles. I prefer consoles. I like consoles better. I bleed consoles if you know what I mean. I am also not some blind fanboy who only focuses on the positives of my personal choice. I am man enough to acknowledge the negatives of my preferences. Why is that? Because I believe in being open, honest, transparent, and deal with the bad as well as embrace the good. Too many snowflakes nowadays only want to hear the good. To me that is delusional. You can disagree with me if you like. I will not lose any sleep over it.

To me one of the biggest knocks against the consoles is how they are locked down. The paranoid delusions of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo make me shake my head. Have a little faith in the community. Open up those closed fists. Ya’ll are only making yourselves look bad. Sure there are others ways you make yourselves look bad like discriminating against Christians. You make yourselves look bad by denying choice to your consumers. You make yourselves look bad by only allowing mods when you can make money off of them. Your communities are dwindling because of your poor policies. Grow up, mature, and enter the new century with the rest of us. How do you feel about this topic? Agree? Disagree? Send us your thoughts.

Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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