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Cordova, TN; April 9, in the year of our Lord 2018--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is sad to acknowledge the complete, total, and utter failure of the ESRB. We are really sad that it has reached this point. We hear from parents over and over again who have been offended by failure after failure by the ESRB. They don’t play the games, they don’t even review the digital downloadable games, and they spend more time spewing propaganda about how great they are. The ESRB has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Each and every time they have refused to accept responsibility for their mistakes. Instead they act like the Emperor in The Emperor’s New Clothes. They have lost the faith of families, parents, Christians, conservatives and more.

Family Friendly Gaming has tried over and over again to get the ESRB to acknowledge their mistakes, accept responsibility, and then fix their systemic areas of failure. Over and over again the ESRB has stubbornly refused to improve. In fact they have degenerated worse and worse as they years have progressed. We are honestly tired of constantly pointing out their mistakes in our reviews. We are sick of finding things the ESRB misses on a routine basis. They should be paying us for this audit of their extensive failures. What is the purpose of the ESRB if they cannot get descriptors correct? What value does the ESRB actually bring to the video game industry? What value are they to families when they fail to report obvious content within video games?

For too long too many media outlets have given the ESRB a pass. They do not want the light of truth shined on the failures of the ESRB. They do not want any other organization getting involved with rating games. This corrupt wink-wink, nod-nod way of giving out age ratings, and descriptors is a part of the swamp of the video game industry that needs to be drained. Those colluding on this should be held accountable as well. All fair minded gaming media outlets should have stories on the failure of the ESRB. There needs to be ground swelling support for the cleanup of the ESRB. Do you support this? Do you support the ESRB getting fixed and held accountable for their mistakes? Or do you support the corruption?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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