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Cordova, TN; April 30, in the year of our Lord 2018--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is grieved that this age has become an age of witch hunts. It is shocking and dismaying that there are those constantly trying to tear down and discredit others. All of us have sinned and fallen short. All of us have made mistakes we regret later. All of us have done things we would not do in the same way given the same opportunity. So why is there this obsession to try and tear certain people down? Do these bullies, attackers, and haters want to have their lives looked at with a fine toothed comb? Do they want their past mistakes dragged through the mud publically? Don’t they comprehend concepts like forgive and you will be forgiven?

The concept of this article came to be recently. There were extremists obsessing over something President Trump might or might not have done twelve years ago. These same people had no interest in running the horrible things President Clinton did in the White House. Sure the double standard is sickening. What is worse is they are constantly trying to find something from many years ago. I am sure President Trump was a different man back then. The money grubber accuser does not have much credibility. Yet these extremists in the media keep running the story until we turn them off and never listen to them ever again. How anyone can listen to anything they say is beyond me.

There was a white player on the Villanova basketball team that was dragged through the mud as well. Supposedly he quoted a black rapper using the ‘n’ word seven years ago. That is right seven years ago. Are they angry this black rapper used that word? No they are not mad about that. They are mad that a white player quoted this black rapper. If it is okay for the black rapper to use it why can’t a white person quote them? Are white people second class citizens that do not have all of the rights of black people? Someone had to take the time to go back seven years ago and try and generate some controversy. Don’t they have anything better to do with their lives? I find it sad there are people looking to tear others down. I find the double standard repulsive. If you will give Bill Clinton grace then you should do the same for Donald Trump. If you allow a black rapper to use certain words, then white people should be able to quote them. Or neither of them can use that word.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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