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Cordova, TN; October 2, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is sharing some very exciting news. Video Game Lies Revision 3 is now available for purchase on Amazon. Family Friendly Gaming can also sell you a copy directly if you choose to order it that way. Email your orders to SoundOff@familyfriendlygaming.com. Specify the payment method you will be providing for the book. We are extremely thankful for each and every single sale. My hubby put in a lot of work into this revision. I know this book will be an amazing blessing to you and all of your family members. Video Game Lies Revision 3 will give you the tools to talk about video games to your own family and friends.

“It was a labor of love that took months to complete,” said award winning author Paul Bury. “I hope this book blesses you in a number of ways. I put in another new chapter, and went over existing chapters adding new content. There are new stories, and new video game lies in Video Game Lies Revision 3. I am so excited to hear the thoughts of thousands of ya’ll that read Video Game Lies Revision 3. I know many of ya’ll will have something to say about the lies found within Video Game Lies Revision 3.”

Video Game Lies Revision 3 has a brand new front cover, and there were some changes to the back cover. How many lies can you find on the front cover of Video Game Lies Revision 3? There are more of them than there was in the original Video Game Lies. Both Peter (Teen Gamer) and Noah (Kid Gamer) returned for the front cover picture of Video Game Lies Revision 3. Families can purchase a physical copy book of Video Game Lies Revision 3 here. Families can purchase a copy of Video Game Lies Revision 3 on Kindle here. The physical copy version is being sold for $6.95, and the Kindle version is being sold for $2.99. Prices were kept as low as Amazon would allow us to.

God bless,
Yolanda Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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