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Cordova, TN; October 16, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing a deep problem in the video game industry. The issue is fairness. I get a little smirk on my face when someone of a specific political aversion says something about how they want to make everything fair. Generally they want to bring things down to the lowest common denominator and hand cuff those who are more blessed. That is one of the reasons video games and the video game industry will never be fair. Certain companies flourish and others go bankrupt. It is a sad state of affairs. Thing is it is part of life. How would you make video games fair? What would be required to make that happen?

When it comes to any kind of video game competition it will never be fair. Especially when we are talking about playing video games online. One person has a better system, controller, Internet connection, or some other factor. Some people play certain games many more hours than others. There are some people with better reflexes, or higher IQs. Certain people are paid to play games and can sit there all day long with a certain game. How will you equalize any of this? Every single gamer must be sponsored the same amount of money, and play a game the same set amount of time? What about people who only need a few hours of sleep and can play more than most of us? Certain people have specific talents for certain kinds of activities. Not every player in the MLB wins the World Series in a year. Certain players are naturally more gifted than others.

In video game journalism there is all kinds of unfairness. Certain gaming media outlets have more money, and more staff than others. Will you make that fair as well? How will you make it fair? Certain video games are better than others. How will you make review scores fair? Will every video game have to get the same score? How is that fair? Not all games are the same length, so it would not be fair to give them all the same scores. Which brings up how will fairness actually be defined to make video games fair? I know I asked a lot of questions in this article. I hope and pray it provokes thought and discussion among my fellow gamers. That is my goal of writing this article.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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