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Cordova, TN; July 17, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving out a listing of Virtual Reality (VR) video games we would like to see. These are our own ideas. These are games we enjoy playing, and we feel would work really good in VR. Or I suppose I should say these are games that are enjoyed here at Family Friendly Gaming, and I would like to see VR versions of them. Do you think you can guess what my list will be? Without any more introduction let us get right into it.

10. Fifa – I would love to see Fifa done in the VR format. Could you imagine getting on the soccer field and having to pick where you will pass to? Or how about sprinting up fast to the goalie and trying to figure out how and where to shoot the ball? That would be really cool in my opinion.

9. PES – The same thing as Fifa goes here. I would love to see PES in VR. PES generally has better controls and feels more like soccer than Fifa. So to see it in VR would be a real treat. I would love to play some PES soccer action in VR.

8. NBA 2K – Family Friendly Gaming has written about sports games in the first person perspective before. I would love to get on a basketball court for some NBA 2K action in VR. I would accept a VR game for NBA Live if 2K Sports cannot figure it out. Maybe a NBA JAM game in VR.

7. Just Dance – This one may seem a bit strange at first. Dancing in VR? Would that give us motion sickness? Not if Ubisoft does it right. A Dance Praise game in VR would be fantastic too. Okay, any new Dance Praise game would be awesome. Alas I digress. I could see Just Dance VR working really well to help us get even better exercise. Accidents would be the one major downfall.

6. MLB The Show – I have played all kind of real life baseball in my lifetime. I would love to see MLB The Show make it to the realm of VR. Pitching would be fantastic and make it hard to see if a runner is trying to steal a base. Imagine being able to swing like in real life and make adjustments on the ball.

5. Madden NFL – I played high school football when I was younger. I would love to have a NFL football video game in VR. Madden NFL is the only game in town right now so I would like to see Madden NFL in VR. It would be even better if we could play Madden NFL VR in every position on the field. That would allow us to intercept, run, pass, tackle and more.

4. We Ski & Snowboard – I really liked the We Ski video game. We Ski & Snowboard was better than the first one. I would love to play We Ski & Snowboard in VR. Even if we just got a We Ski VR game I would be happy. I think Namco Bandai Entertainment can make this happen.

3. Rabbids – I will admit I was not that big on Rabbids at first. I have warmed up to their humor. I would love to see a Rabbids video game in VR. I know there is a Rabbids VR experience. I want a full game on the Playstation VR. I know Ubisoft can make this happen. I also know this is the perfect kind of game for Ubisoft to turn a profit.

2. Order Up – We got deeply into Order Up here at Family Friendly Gaming. This cooking video game made us realize how cool it is to play cooking based video games. Order Up would fit perfectly in VR. In fact parts of Job Simulator reminded me of the Order Up franchise. This one needs to happen soon.

1. Cooking Mama – Mama has been all over the place, and done all kinds of things. Mama is a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer. She has cooked, gardened, crafted, and more. It is time for Cooking Mama to enter the VR realm. It would be awesome to do the cooking in VR. My lips are watering right now just thinking about it. We definitely need a Cooking Mama VR video game soon.

What about you? What games would you like to see in VR?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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