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Shining Force Needs to Return



Cordova, TN; June 12, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is asking the video game industry to bring back Shining Force. Family Friendly Gaming pushed for the return of Lego City Undercover for some time. Eventually Lego City Undercover was ported to newer systems, and Chase McCain was added to Lego Dimensions. It took multiple requests over multiple years. Family Friendly Gaming was listened to, and the franchise returned as we had requested. That go us thinking here at Family Friendly Gaming. What other franchises should come back? Can we use our muscle to bring something else back? Are the people over at Sega listening? Sure they ran Shining Force into the ground with the non-SRPG games. We believe it can be saved if it returns to the SRPG genre.

Look no other SRPG franchise has caught Shining Force. Other franchises have tried and failed. Fire Emblem games are not in the same league as Shining Force for a variety of reasons. Shining Force was definitely more family friendly than the Fire Emblem games. The artwork, battles, team mates, battle system, sounds, story and more are better in Shining Force than Fire Emblem. The SRPG king (Shining Force) needs to show the others how it is really done. I would be happy if the three episodes of Shining Force III were ported over to current systems. It worked for Lego City Undercover. It could certainly work for Shining Force. Then maybe we could get a new Shining Force video game. This needs to happen and soon. If Sega drops the ball then someone else should pick it up.

One of the excuses I hear in terms of the return of Shining Force is Sega and the developer had a falling out. This is a bit strange, since I find three different developers responsible for Shining Force, Shining Force II, and Shining Force III. Sega could easily hire a different developer to bring back Shining Force. If a company like Sega hears there is demand for something they will definitely bring it back. Plus it might be the game that saves Sega for going bankrupt. Maybe Sega needs to go bankrupt. Then someone else could buy up the rights to Shining Force. Maybe that is what needs to happen for a SRPG version of Shining Force to return. I would prefer for Sega to bring Shining Force back. I will happily play a new Shining Force video game either way.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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