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Cordova, TN; April 24, in the year of our Lord 2017-- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing an area of improvement for the video game industry. Families are not very thrilled about the reward systems found within Xbox Live Gold, and Playstation Plus. Month after month the free games are rated ‘M’ for macabre and morbid. Where are the free family friendly video games? Is Microsoft and Sony sending a clear message to families? What do you think the message would be? If they are sending a message, then I believe it is this – they do not want families to participate in the Xbox Live Gold, and Playstation Plus systems.

I personally have never been much of a fan of these systems. I hate getting games for free only as long as you pay for the system. I despise the majority of the games that are included in these systems. I am offended by having to pay to play games online. I don’t really play online that much anyways so it is not a service that has much value for me as is. I am unhappy that the free games are in the digital download format, and require massive space on the hard drives. So it is not like I am some fanboy who all of sudden realizes these companies are not providing for families. I have been a critic of these systems for many years now. I just found a brand new problem with them.

We have been checking here at Family Friendly Gaming and rarely see ‘E’ for Everyone Six and older only rated video games being released as free games. I have never seen an ‘EC’ for Early Childhood rated game being given away as a free game. We have seen month after month of the extremely limited seventeen and older only ‘M’ rating. We have also seen some thirteen and older only ‘T’ rated games. Usually we question if those games should have been given the seventeen and older only rating though. The rewards systems needs to let families pick their preferences for the free games. If you want more family friendly titles then these rewards systems should provide for you. Sony and Microsoft need to move away from the one size fits all methodology that neglects family friendly gamers.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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