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Cordova, TN; December 4, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is disgusted by the pay to win concept being used on consoles. This horrible concept has taken root on the consoles. It has gotten worse with Star Wars Battlefront II. Why did you do that Electronic Arts? You have angered gamers, and families all over the world. Electronic Arts is not the only culprit in this horrible, mean, nasty, and hateful concept. The greed is something that turns many of us off. We also are offended that after spending so much money on a game that we are asked to pay more for content that is already within it. Nintendo does it with Amiibos. Square Enix has done it with Final Fantasy XIV, and more. Is their massive profit not enough? Will they ever be satisfied with what they make?

I cannot even bring myself to play games like World of Tanks because of the pay to win greedy methodology. It kills a game for me. What is the point of ever getting good at a game if someone else can buy their way to victory? Then if you want to even compete you also have to make the same payments. To me this is extortion pure and simple. I refuse to participate. I let companies know how I feel about it. I write articles like this one because I want Family Friendly Gaming Universe educated to this practice. I want to be clear that pay to win is different from having to pay for DLC. It is bad when we are asked to pay for content that comes on the discs. Those games can be played without that additional content. In pay to win you will be at a severe disadvantage if you do not pay them for better gear, characters, etc.

Families and gamers need to unite. We all need to refuse to pay for those pay to win portions of games. Once companies realize they make no money off of it, then they will stop doing it. They do it because they believe there are enough suckers out there to pay them. They believe you will quickly part with your hard earned money just so they can brag about even more profit. They know once it takes hold then they can abuse families and gamers even worse in the future. It is like a drug dealer charging you more for your addiction. They know you will pay. They know you will do whatever they ask. You might not like it, and you might complain. Ultimately they know they will get paid for it. I refuse to pay them. Will you join me in that refusal?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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