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Cordova, TN; November 20, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is chiming the death bell for Lego Dimensions. We are really sad to see Lego Dimensions die off. It is shutting down one year early. How do we know for sure that Lego Dimensions is dying off? Warner Bros Interactive tweeted confirmation found here. We find it very sad here at Family Friendly Gaming. We had a lot of fun playing Lego Dimensions. We even considered doing some videos of that game. Sadly it will die off now.

I know there were issues, bugs, and problems with Lego Dimensions. The prices of Lego Dimensions were way too high. Constant massively huge downloads to the game made it way too large. The character plus vehicle data as in the game and not on the toys. We had Lego Dimensions crash on us multiple times. We had to back up the save from Lego Dimensions since one of those crashed deleted our game save and we lost a lot of hours of progress. Lego Dimensions crashed on us multiple times when we tried a plethora of different things. Missions within Lego Dimensions would not work right, or things on the map would be inaccurate. Having to buy characters with vehicles was wasteful. Yes we had our issues with Lego Dimensions. So you might think we would be happy it is dying off. In reality we are not. We will miss it now that it is gone.

The reality is Lego Dimensions is dying off. The entire toy to video game genre is on the verge of a complete and total collapse. Disney Infinity has died off, and Skylanders has taken at least one year off in 2017. Amiibos are also dwindling in terms of releases. Is the toy to video game genre ending? Will we ever see it return? What caused this collapse? Too many toy to video game products? Is it consumer fatigue? Will Lego Dimensions ever come back? I do not know. I hope at some point a more stable Lego Dimensions will return to the video game industry. Until that time we will turn our attention to Skylanders. We might even finish off some Lego Dimensions reviews if we have the time. Expect to find Lego Dimensions go on deep sales between now and Christmas. Maybe even beyond.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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