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Cordova, TN; December 25, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving our impressions on how things went in 2017. I am generally upbeat and positive on what happened in 2017. The resurgence of physical copies of video games thanks to the massively popular physical copy movement has been evident this year. More and more PR firms and companies are making a point of coming out with physical copy versions of their games. Virtual Reality or VR started to get some decent games and good traction this year. The Nintendo Switch has been a success. Sony continues to beat Microsoft as both companies released upgraded machines for the PS4 and Xbox One. We are seeing an increase in family games again. This is something Family Friendly Gaming has campaigned for – for years now. When we first started with FFG we saw the first wave of family games hit the market. Then hardcore haters complained and got all kinds of gross, disgusting, macabre and morbid games released again.

As the economy has taken a massive turn for the better we are seeing it help out video games as well. Make America Great Again has hit the video game industry and more American companies are trying their hand at video games. This is something else Family Friendly Gaming has asked for. As families earn more money, get jobs again, and get more of their tax money back we can expect video games to benefit. There might even be an increase in American video game jobs as the economy continued to climb. That is a possible prediction not a fact. Please keep that in mind. E-leagues have been growing and are actually respected in some circles. Sure those circles are small, and generally mocked by the masses. It would not surprise me to see that grow in the future. Why is anyone watching these people play games against one another?

Social gaming continues to grow. This is something that really does not interest me personally. I noticed a rise in it in 2017. I have to admit I had fun playing with others in Star Trek Bridge Crew. I just do not have the time to dedicate to online gaming personally. There were some good games for families in 2017. Retro gaming continued to grow in 2017. PC gaming remained powerful in 2017, and console gaming held its own. The industry tried to push farther to the left politically. There was backlash against that of course. The discrimination against conservatives and Christians got worse in 2017. There is massive room for improvement for that in 2018. Pay to play, and pay to win got worse in 2017 as well. Some companies have attacked the single player mode in video games. Again there has been backlash against it.

We saw massive growth here at Family Friendly Gaming in 2017. We cross the one million mark in terms of views in a month on the website. It was the E3 month so there was a lot of coverage that interested families and gamers. Our Youtube channel exploded in 2017 beyond anything we could ever expect. I was not expecting to be considered a Youtube celebrity but it happened this year. We continued to improve everything we do here at FFG. This is from the website to the videos. That concept of continuous improvement has not stopped there either. Every single week we are discussing ideas for improvements. Some are being applied as I write this article. All in all 2017 was a pretty good year.

Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

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