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Cordova, TN; October 10, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is starting a new series on the brainwashing that comes from too many video game media outlets. Too much of video game journalism is cheerleading, and brainwashing. Too few gamers pay attention to how video game journalism influences their moods, attitudes, and opinions. We have been seeing some backlash against the worldly video game media outlets. That comes more from the corruption in too many of the worldly gaming media outlets. How many gamers are paying attention to the slant in many of the video game journalism articles? I am not talking about the extreme radical liberalism – which is another problem entirely. I am talking about little things.

I know some of ya’ll are there are asking a very important question. Like what? What exactly is being done to brainwash us? Have you considered how much attention is given to upcoming releases? Have you looked at the massive amount of focus given on purchasing games on day one? Have you looked at the massive push to pre-order a game? Family Friendly Gaming has shown again and again that it makes more financial sense to wait for a game to be out for at least six months before making a purchase. Sometimes waiting a year will provide the game for a price one third of what it was at launch. We know video game prices are over inflated to pad the pockets of the extremely wealthy. What we don’t know is why anyone pre-orders them, or buys them day one. It is not logical. It is the opposite of common sense, and intelligence.

Then it hit me. There is so much focus put on these upcoming releases that too many gamers are brainwashed into giving the companies what they want. What do they want? As much of your money as they can take from you. The bottom line is their profits at our expense. I realized that all of these fluff press releases with all kinds of propaganda and lies are only there to brainwash gamers into giving over their money. They know how to appeal to minds of gamers. They know what to say. They know how to package. They have gotten good at this over the decades. I suggest families and gamers inoculate themselves to the brainwashing. Set up a resistance to purchasing the games when they first come out. Try to wait a week or two at first. If the game is coming out in October wait until Black Friday to make a purchase. It has a high chance of dropping in price a bit. Build up that resistance. Build up your patience.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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