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Cordova, TN; November 14, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is shedding some light on one of the video game journalism brainwashing techniques that needs to be addressed. The issue in this article is press releases. Too few gaming media outlets edit the press releases. What is wrong with that? The companies have lies, propaganda, and misleading statements in the press releases way too often. Read the start of a variety of press releases in the video game section of the Internet. What do many of them start with? “Leading company…” Notice how all of these companies all claim to be leading? They can’t all be in first place can they? All it takes is a little simple logic and press questioning to realize many of these press releases start with a lie.

Some people might try to argue that the press releases are what the companies are saying and to edit that (what is it that editors actually do if they do not edit?) would be an infringement. Help me understand something if you believe that. How much do they pay you to run with press releases that are in many cases disguised advertisements? If they are paying for the space then I can understand it. If they are not paying then how lazy are many video game journalists? It also looks like shooting yourself in the foot. Run with whatever inaccuracies the companies state, and then pay for all of the complaints it causes. Oh I almost forgot the gaming media outlet pays for the gaming journalist, and server space to run with the company provided press release. It is your server, so it should be your rules.

Family Friendly Gaming has been editing the press releases the last few years. The mooching video game companies (who also happen to be millionaires) seem to think they can control what we publish and when we publish it. Part of the problem is our industry. After all before a game is releases we have only whatever the companies provide us. We do not get to play the game from start to finish months before it comes out. At events like E3 the content we are provided is very controlled, and very limited. Companies are trying to minimize any potential early damage by putting video game journalists on very short leashes. Sadly too many video game journalists have grown accustom to, and comfortable with the short leashes. This has lead to even more company control of the gaming media.

Family Friendly Gaming has rubbed some companies the wrong way because we do not let them get their way 100% of the time. A couple of video game companies have black listed us because we edit out offensive content. A few angry emails have come my way because we remove their advertisement links. They seem to think an editor has no right to edit what they send us. There is no guarantee that we will publish anything they send us. They have twisted the roles so badly that too many of them have an entitlement mentality when they send out a press release. There is so much brainwashing in there, some days I cannot stomach them. Why would I want to help spread their lies? I believe in standing up for truth. I accept punishment for standing for truth every single day of the year.

Too many companies have gotten into trouble by spewing lies in press releases. Too many gaming journalists have happily helped these companies. Too many gamers have become disappointments because the hype (aka lies) was too great for the final product. I would like the video game industry to return to stating facts about their games. Give the back story, and features. Explain what you are shooting for with the game. Be honest, especially if you miss the mark. That would help return the broken trust in too many of the brainwashing press releases.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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