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Top Ten Games That Need to Return in 2016



Cordova, TN; May 9, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is sharing our top ten listing of games we would like to see make a return in 2016. These games are some of our favorites and we want to play sequels, prequels, or even re-mastered versions of them on current video game home consoles, and hand helds. It goes without saying that we want to see physical copies of each of these games, and we are not picky on which system(s) these games make a return on. Maybe there are some E3 2016 announcements coming that will fill this list up.

10. Phantasy Star Online (offline) – We have really been getting into playing Phantasy Star Online in the completely offline game play mode. We need more offline versions of online games. We would also love to see a new mainline Phantasy Star game. We would happily settle for a new Phantasy Star Online game that lets us play completely offline. Just make sure to include the save Sega.

9. .hack – Speaking off offline video games, the .hack franchise comes to mind. This is the original video game that pretended to be online when it was really offline. Sword Art Online does it, and is doing a decent job of it. It made us realize how much we miss the .hack franchise and want it to come back. This year works for us. How about you?

8. Batman Beyond – This might fall under cult classic in some circles. We enjoyed Batman Beyond here at Family Friendly Gaming. We want more games in this franchise. This super hero has not been given as many chances as say Superman. Batman Beyond was light years better than Superman 64. Superman has been given more chances, so why not Batman Beyond? We would play a new Batman Beyond game here at Family Friendly Gaming.

7. Mega Man Battle Network – I liked the MMBN franchise way better than Pokemon. I enjoyed the battle system, and the six mainline games in the series. Yes I played the Gamecube game as well. The battle chips in the Mega Man Battle Network games were really innovative for the time. I never felt the need to collect all the chips so I only got one of the two games. Besides I am against fleecing consumers, gamers, and families personally. The majority of the MMBN role playing games were more family friendly than almost every other RPG on the market. The MMBN franchise needs to return.

6. Shining Force – Sega needs to reverse their years of bad decisions and give us a real, and true SRPG Shining Force again. Plenty of other SRPG’s have tried to take the crown from Shining Force and failed. Bring back Shining Force. At the very least provide the US gamers with the full Shining Force III version. Come on Sega, what is the hold up? Are you too busy wasting people’s time with lame free app versions of your other franchises? Shining Force needs to return in all of its glory, and do so this year.

5. Cars (THQ) – I need to specify that I want another Cars game like the ones THQ did. Not like Cars 2 that came from Disney Interactive Studios. That game was a flop. It has been too long since we have been able to race around as Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs. I know THQ is bankrupt. Disney should be able to easily get the rights to those games, and give us a true, and real racing sequel. Forget trying to do Cars Mario Kart. We do not need to shoot other vehicles. We need to be able to race, and see the areas. There are plenty of locations that the games have not yet explored fully.

4. NCAA Football, Basketball – I don’t care if we get an NCAA Football, or an NCAA Basketball game. We need a new one, and soon. Actually I would like to see both an NCAA Football, and a NCAA Basketball game to be released this year. I get that athletes sued because EA Sports, and the NCAA was making all kinds of money off of their likenesses. I have a simple solution – pay them a small share. College fans want to play with their favorite teams. This franchise has been sitting on the side lines way too long. While they are creating a new NCAA experience, considering going into the first person perspective.

3. Sesame Street – It has been too long since a Sesame Street game has been released. Families have kids, and they need good learning experiences. Besides the Sesame Street video games from the past improved the entire image of the whole video game industry. When someone says all video games are mean, hateful, nasty, ugly, and violent; just point out a new Sesame Street game. It really silences those who only focus on the negative. Sesame Street video games are extremely positive.

2. Dora the Explorer/ Go Diego Go – While we are talking about kids video games we have not seen a Dora the Explorer or Go Diego Go video game for some time. Hello 2K Play! Are ya’ll still making games? What is the purpose of this long game release drought? Obviously going into apps did not work. Come back to the consoles (and hand helds) and give us some new Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go video games. Kids love these games, and want more. Are you capable of providing?

1. LarryBoy (Veggie Tales) – All these years later I am still geeking out over how much fun LarryBoy and the Bad Apple was. Families still ask Family Friendly Gaming when a sequel is coming. I know Crave Entertainment went bankrupt. Maybe they should not have made that Man vs Wild game eh? Someone else in the industry can pick up this franchise and give families some more games. I do not care if we get a completely different Veggie Tales video game. We need someone to step up to the plate, and do the right thing. This year would be fantastic.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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