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Cordova, TN; October 17, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving impressions of the Playstation VR. The first impression we had is how easy it was to go up to a local retailer and purchase one. There was no line, and we were the only people actually interested in purchasing one. Sony was supposed to send us one for a review but their PR and Marketing is about as reliable as their security. Remember all those hacks? Yeah we do too. Sony even tried to buy off the gaming media at their press conference just before an E3 event with a free year of PSN. Then they were hacked again after that. Sony did not try to buy off the gaming media a second time. We were going to continue to report on their lackadaisical security. There I go chasing rabbits again.

Back to the Playstation VR impressions now. The set up involves all kinds of connections and wires. Players need to turn the PS4 on first before turning on the Playstation VR helmet. We are tethered to the converter device which needs to use up another power outlet. Thankfully we have one of those big power strips otherwise there would not be enough connections for the PS4, TV, PS Eye, and now PS VR. Yeah Sony expects you will have all of those power outlets nearby for their use. The power consumption is a bit excessive in my books, especially when we consider the grainy graphics in the Playstation VR. We started with the demo disc and was very impressed with the depth of the 3D. It is like being in an IMAX 3D theater. The biggest difference is we can look around. Be careful with the ear buds that come with the Playstation VR. They can get tangled with the two cords the head set uses. Since we are blind inside this eye blocking device we can’t see around us.

I was very impressed with a few of the demos on the demo game disc that came with the Playstation VR. Job Simulator being the most impressive. In fact we asked for a reviewable copy from Owlchemy Labs. They told us they do not have any codes at this time. Then they told us to ask Sony for a code. Sony obviously was not ready for launch in that department. If there was a physical copy version of Job Simulator on the PS4 VR I would consider purchasing it. Not giving them that much money for a disposable version of a game. Other game companies have been able to provide digital download codes for their games. Driveclub VR made me nauseous after a few minutes. Sony has some work to do there. We purchased RIGS Mechanized Combat League since it was one of the few decently priced games that was not reported to make people physically ill. It was also one of the few physical copy games that interested us and was not rated macabre and morbid.

Bad news RIGS Mechanized Combat League made me ill. It made Teen Gamer ill. No one else dared try RIGS Mechanized Combat League since it made two us sick. So much for the reports of other gaming media outlets that RIGS Mechanized Combat League would not make you sick. It messed us up quickly. This is ultimately where I put Playstation VR. It looks cool, and it is really neat. Once we start moving around too much in a game we get our brains scrambled. Sony has some work to do to improve these games. Playstation VR is not the failure the Virtual Boy was. It not a glowing success either. After spending so much money I have expectations of not losing my lunch after playing.

We tried something else with the Playstation VR. We tried playing normal games with it. Like Rocket League, Pure Pool, and MX vs ATV Supercross Encore. All of them are non-VR video games. Teen Gamer wondered what would happen if we played them with the Playstation VR. We found a really cool added benefit to the Playstation VR. What is it? Off screen game play. Meaning one family member can play a normal and regular game with the Playstation VR, and another family member can use the television set for something completely different. Sony finally caught up to Nintendo on the off screen game play. On top of that it feels like sitting in front of a huge screen like a movie theater. It is quite the experience I must say.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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