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Cordova, TN; June 13, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing the giant elephant in the room. Natsume is still not listening to Family Friendly Gaming Universe. If anything they are doing the opposite to spite the millions upon millions within Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Natsume continues to spit in the face of the super majority of Americans that self-identify as Christian. What is their problem? What is their major malfunction? Why won’t Natsume do the right thing? Why is Natsume being so mean, nasty, horrible, and arrogant? When will Natsume buy a vowel? Is there an addiction problem over at Natsume? Or is it a zealot problem over at Natsume?

It is certainly true that some bad habits are hard to break. One of the best Harvest Moon video games to have ever been released was Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. This hand held video game had a wonderful story, and had all kinds of freedom in what to do. Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar was also a game that was friendly to families, Christians, and the super majority of Americans. Natsume made the wise decision to leave off the religious content of the false harvest goddess. Natsume also made the intelligent decision to leave out the despised witch character. This Harvest Moon video game was well received. It was a win for the families. It was a win for gamers. It was a win for Christians. It was a win for Natsume.

Yet after that success Natsume fell back into bad habits and brought back the highly divisive and extremely controversial false goddess, and witch characters. Why Natsume? Family Friendly Gaming Universe has told you over and over again we liked the Harvest Moon games without those offensive characters. Want to know how we know Natsume is not listening? Harvest Moon Skytree Village has been announced and the storyline is all about a false harvest goddess. Again Natsume returns to someone we do not want. Again Natsume shows they are not listening. Again Natsume chooses the path of offensive, controversial, and highly divisive content. Natsume is not listening. Only poor sales will get their attention.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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