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Cordova, TN; June 13, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is providing our reactions to the Sony E3 2016 Press Conference. Sony starts out with orchestra and a choir. It does not sound like a Christian praise and worship though. Instead it sounds foreboding and evil. I guess it fits Sony’s image. This disgusting music is continuing. So nice of Sony to waste our time with this. This creepy music is something like we would hear in an entrance theme for the Undertaker.

Now we get a video for a game. Some kid is given a knife and must go hunting. This game looks macabre and morbid. The old man is pretty mean, hateful and nasty. Obviously the lessons video games want to teach us. Blood, gore, and violence are found in this repulsive game. This is another game that will hurt the image of the video game industry. The name of the game is god of war. One of the worst franchises of all time gets a new game.

Shawn Layden comes out to talk about the false god of war game. He references a tragedy in Orlando. He starts spreading extreme liberalism political correctness religious beliefs. He does not address how violent video games teach people to murder. He then welcomes everyone at the pagan temple they are in. No wonder Sony is so hostile, mean, hateful, and ugly to Christians. He wants to dazzle us with transformative video games. I want to see Christian video games.

Bend Studios is shown next at the start of the next video. Another post apocalyptic world where death and blood are everywhere. This game looks macabre and morbid. Days Gone is the name of the game. It looks horrible.

Another video is showing right after that. A little boy with his giant monster is shown. They help one another out. The Last Guardian is the name of that game. It has a possibility of being a family friendly gaming. It comes out October 25, 2016. I remember seeing it last year at E3.

Third video in a row is shown. I also remember this game from last year at E3. It looks like it will most likely be a macabre and morbid video game. Religious teachings of a false goddess are referenced in this game multiple times. Death and gore are a part of this game. A demon is also referenced in this game. She hacks a robotic looking elk. Then she fights another robotic character until her elk comes and helps her. Then her elk dies and she brings the robotic beast down. The name of the game is Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is now time for the forth video. It looks macabre and morbid. Profanity is a bad part of this mean, hateful and ugly video game. Androids go rogue, and then we can study the environment and we can replay it until we find the right solution. Plenty of blood and gore is seen in this game. Detroit Become Human is what that game is called.

The fifth video in a row is showing. This looks macabre and morbid. Plus it also looks dark. Nudity is shown before the main character tries to leave the horror house. Resident Evil 7 is the name of the game, and it will be in VR.

Shawn Layden comes back out. He starts talking about VR, and he wants everyone to purchase VR. He hopes every home will own VR, and pitches the Playstation VR. October 14, 2016 Playstation VR will release for $399.99. Fifty games will be available from launch until the end of the year. He wants to show us some Playstation VR games.

Impulse Gear is the first game shown. It looks macabre and morbid. Batman Arkham VR is shown in the next video. It comes out in October 2016. Final Fantasy XV is shown next. Enticement to lust is shown for a moment. We might as well call this game Final Fantasy shooter. It is actually called Final Fantasy XV VR Experience. Then a video for a macabre and morbid looking science fiction war game. Blood, death, gore, and explosions are shown in this game. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the name of that game. November 4, 2016 is when families can avoid it. Here comes another macabre and morbid video game. Blood, death, and military destruction are shown. Call of Duty Modern Warefare Remastered is the name of that game.

Shawn Layden comes back out. He announces all three Crash Bandicoot games are being remastered. Crash Bandicoot is also coming to Skylanders Imaginators. A video of the upcoming game is shown. It releases in October of 2016. A video for Lego Star Wars The Force Unleashed is shown next. It looks fun for families. A demo is available right now on the Playstation 4. The game is fully released in physical format in two weeks.

Andy House comes out next. He wants Playstation to be the best brand out there for gamers. He welcomes Hideo Kojima. He wants us to watch a video. We get a naked man, and a naked baby. All kind of dead animals are on this beach. Death Stranding is the name of the game. It will likely be macabre and morbid.

It is time for another video. This game is from Insomniac Games. It is a new Spider-Man video game. Strange looking Spider-Man costume in this video. Spider-Man PS4 is the name we are shown in the video.

Shawn Layden comes back out again. He brags about walking out in front of an orchestra. He thinks all of us should get that opportunity. He gives us propaganda and his religious beliefs in evolution. He thanks us for following Sony on this journey. He then shows game play of Days Gone. I am so tired of the bad language in these games. Can’t they be respectful, and exercise self control. The blood and gore is also over the top. This game is definitely macabre and morbid. Tons of zombies, death and bullets are to be found in this game families will flee from.

A recap video of the games shown thus far is up next. Then there are some games shown that we have not seen before. Sony really shrunk their presence this year. Hardly anything for families.

Sony grade: F

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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