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Cordova, TN; June 13, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is providing our reactions to the Microsoft E3 2016 Press Conference. A tragedy in Orlando is referenced. Then we see the stage with all kinds of large screens. The stage looks different this year. The Xbox One S is shown in a video. It is 40% smaller, 2 TB drive, HDR gaming, and more. A violent video game is shown as well as some television show. The controller will have increased range.

Phil Spencer comes out to introduce the Xbox One S. It sells for $299.99 this August. He welcomes us and claims they are introducing more choice and more exclusive games. Will they be family friendly?

Rod Regusson comes out. He is there to announce Xbox Play Anywhere. When you buy a digital copy of a game you can play it on Xbox One and Windows 10. It will share everything from your account across those two platforms. There will be cross play across Xbox One and Windows 10. Laura Bailey comes out to play Gears of War 4 with him. An ultra violent video game with excessive amounts of bad content like unrealistic levels of blood, and gore. This is a game families will want to flee from. The profanity was bleeped out thankfully. October 11, 2016 is when this game ruins the image of gamers. It will also get its own controller.

Rukari Austin came out next to talk about Killer Instinct. One of the few fighting games on the Xbox One. He references special characters added to KI. This is another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. General Raam from Gears of War is being added to Killer Instinct. Excessive blood and violence is shown in a video.

Then we are shown a video that is referenced as a Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Cars are shown and races in beautiful environments. Forza Horizon 3 is the name of the game. Ralph Fulton (Playground Games) comes out to talk about Forza Horizon 3. We will go to Australia in this game. World premiere showing of this game. Families will be very interested in this racing game. Xbox One and Windows 10 can play against one another. This game looks awesome. Will there be local multiplayer? Four player online co-op for the first time. Will there be local multiplayer though? September 27, 2016 is the release date.
Another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive video comes up. Far Eden is making the game. A third person shooter is the kind of the game. There is violence in this sandy video. There is also a robotic dog to help the female character. She also has a robotic spider to help her. And a giant robotic ape like thing to help her. Recore is the name of the game.

Haijime Tabata came out to show Final Fantasy XV. Matthew Kishimodo is also there to show the game. A demo of Final Fantasy XV is shown. There is violence, bad language, and it looks more action adventure than turn based. The characters are fighting some giant creature. Looks tedious and boring. Hopefully it does not go into the realm of the macabre and morbid rating. They freeze it and break it apart. September 30, 2016 is when the game comes out.

Ubisoft’s logo is shown. Some ultra violent video game is coming to Xbox One first on June 28, 2016. This is a gross looking game that will hurt the image of the industry. The Division Underground is the DLC. The video of this game was excessively violent. Another game families will want to avoid.

Patrick Bach comes out. He talks about Battlefield 1. They are going back to World War 1. October 21 is when this ultra violent video game comes out. A gross video of this game is shown. Plenty of violence, blood, explosions and death is shown. Blimps and airplanes from the era are also shown. Families will flee from this game.

Mike Ybarra comes out next. He is talking about Xbox Live. He is one of the reasons we have less local multiplayer games and modes. He wants gamers to play online. He wants people to play together online. He referenced Rocket League. Background music is being added to Xbox One. Language Region Independence is being added. Cortana is being added as well. Clubs on Xbox Live will be added. Communities can be created for like-minded people who appreciate the same games. Looking for Group on Xbox Live is also being added. If you want people like you to play with online then you can find them. Arena is being added for competitive gamers. This will help you find people online to compete against.

Lydia Winters, and Saxs Persson came out to talk about Minecraft. Players across iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Xbox One can play online together. The Friendly Update is what they call it. Host your own worlds and let them play without you being there. It is called Minecraft Realms. They show a video of people working together in a Minecraft world. Minecraft VR is shown by John Carmack. These features are available today. Texture packs with a modern theme are being released to the iOS and Windows 10 versions. Add-ons are also being released. Like turning zombies into aliens. The villagers get suits and sunglasses and help out fighting the aliens. No price given on the add-ons.

A new Xbox One Wireless Controller is shown. You design it and they build it. All kinds of colors and more are shown. No prices are shown for this option.

Another video is shown. It comes from the creators of that gross game Limbo. Chris Charla comes out to talk about Inside. He gives all kinds of propaganda about this game. It comes out June 29, 2016. Limbo is being released for free on Xbox One. He hypes up indie game developers. The ID@Xbox is plugged. A video of multiple indie game is shown. How many of them will have physical copies? He clams they have made millions of dollars. The macabre and morbid game Ark is referenced. A disturbing video of We Happy Few is shown. Another game families will want to avoid since it has violence, blood, gore and drugs. It comes out July 26th.

Chris Carla comes back out to plug indie games some more. Damien Monnier comes out. There was some card game in Witcher 3 (a macabre and morbid game that families avoided). Gwent is shown. This is an online card game that consoles and PCs can play with one another. Gwent mechanics have been updated and changed. Card battling is shown in a video. It will come out in September 2016. Will there be a physical copy?

Bandai Namco’s logo is shown. A violent, and bloody video is shown. Looks like a Street Fighter vs Tekken game. Akuma is fighting Heihachi Mishima. Then we see game play of this game as well. Looks like it is in 3D as well. Micheal Murray translates for Katsuhiro Harada. Tekken 7 is the game. Early 2017 it comes out.

Another video is shown. It looks ultra violent, and bloody. A very gross and disgusting game. Shannon Loftis comes out to talk about Dead Rising 4. This is a game families will run far away from. She references numerous ultra violent video games and Play Anywhere.

Hideki Kamiya comes out to show Scalebound. This is another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Giant dragons and monsters are shown. Looks violent. Will probably earn the macabre and morbid rating. It also seems to have some role playing elements. Like damage points shown when a giant monster is attacked. Blood and gore is also shown. The main character transforms into a demonic looking creature himself. There is also bad language in this game. Unrealistic amounts of blood is shown. Avoid this game in 2017.

An aquatic and pirate game is being shown next. Some pirate song as we see skeletons, undead, and pirates fighting. Also a Kracken. Sea of Thieves is the name of this game. Craig Duncan comes out to talk about Sea of Thieves. He wants to give gamers the freedom to be a criminal also known as a pirate. It sounds like a multiplayer game. Real game play with real players is shown. Alcohol is in this game. There is also violence in this ocean game.

Another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive game is shown. It looks macabre and morbid. Unrealistic amounts of blood, death, and gore. Another zombie game. The industry has too many already. State of Decay 2 is the game families will want to avoid in 2017.

Yet another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive game is shown. Another excessively violent military video game. Halo Wars 2 is the name of the game. Dan Ayoub comes out to talk about Halo Wars 2. It has been seven years since the first game. February 21, 2017 is when this violent game will come out. There is a week long beta, being released right now. If you want to be an unpaid QC Analyst.

Phil Spencer comes back out. Fifteen years ago Microsoft entered the console wars. He claims we are leading the console environment changes based on how we play. We want physical copies and offline game play modes. Will Microsoft support that? Phil Spencer recaps on the announcements in this press conference. A video showing people talking about the future of Xbox. Plenty of propaganda. 4K gaming is being pushed. They are also going into VR. Project Scorpio is what they are calling it. It will be here by Christmas 2017. It will be compatible with Xbox One, and Xbox One S. A recap video is shown to end the press conference.

Microsoft Grade: D-

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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