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Cordova, TN; June 13, in the year of our Lord 2016--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is providing our reactions to the EA E3 2016 Press Conference. We missed the event on the 12th so we watched the video of it on the 13th. An intro video tells us it is time to play. EA Play is advertised. Andrew Wilson came out to talk. He invites us in to play. They have hundreds of game stations there in Los Angeles. He wants our feedback. He wants to know what we think. Okay, we want family friendly video games. We want games that support Biblical marriage. We want games that celebrate the diversity of Christians.

Peter Moore is referenced at a completely different site. EA Play is in London and Los Angeles. He has the same kind of a set up. It goes back Andrew Wilson. He referenced new Star Wars game, Mass Effect, Battlefield 1, and Titan Fall 2. He talks about the macabre, morbid and gross Battlefield 1 video game. He calls gaming a global phenomenon. He wants to addict all people on the planet to his gaming products.

Vince Zampella comes out to talk about Titanfall 2. Playstation 4 gamers will get to play this game. A video for Titanfall 2 is shown. It looks ultra violent, macabre, and morbid. Families will want to avoid this excessively violent and bloody video game. October 28, 2016 is when this game comes out.

Now we get a video of Madden NFL 17. It looks more realistic. We see kicks being blocked in Madden NFL 17. Peter Moore is back on stage. He references the content previously released in press releases. Peter Moore references the e-sports thing. He wants to make stars of all the players. Which means more of the lame online game modes. EA is adding three new online game play modes: Challenger, Premier, and EA Major. Madden NFL 16 Championships is referenced. Well known Madden players are shown in a video. Eight players competing will play one another in a competition for money. Peter Moore comes back to talk about Madden some more. They will put up one million dollars in prize money for Madden NFL 17 Championship series. These games have to be played online.

Aaryn Flynn from Bioware comes out next. The Mass Effect franchise has been macabre and morbid for some time. It is also one that attacks Biblical marriage. Families will want to run far away from this franchise. A video for Mass Effect Andromeda is shown.

Andrew Wilson comes back out to talk updating games. Which is of course expensive to families in terms of Internet usage fees. EA does not care about that. He advertises the EA Vault. He now talks about Play to Give. He wants to make the world more diverse and inclusive. Translation: he wants to discriminate against males, whites, and Christians. EA partnered with some questionable charities. They are: He For She, National Center for Women Informational Technology, CODE, Code 2040, and Special Effect. In game challenges will give money to charities. Looks like the diversity of Christians is not being celebrated by EA.

Peter Moore comes back out. He is talking about soccer (aka futball). Fifa 17 is the next game up to be talked about. A video for Fifa 17 is shown. We see a video with older Fifa games, and we can see how the game has improved over the years. The career mode (The Journey) in Fifa 17 is shown. Alex Hunter tries to excite us about Fifa 17. Peter Moore gives us some propaganda about Fifa 17. Well known managers are being added to the game. The manager of Liverpool comes out to meet Peter Moore. Aaron McHardy comes out to talk about Fifa 17 some more. A couple more Fifa 17 videos are shown.

Patrick Soderlund comes out to talk about surprises. He talks about Yarny and the indie game Unravel. He is plugging indie games. EA Originals is announced. This is about taking first time experiences and bringing them to the world, supporting small developers, and funding a level of security to the indie game developers. He wants all of the profits to go back to the hands of the developers. Will they fund Christian video game developers?

Klaus Lyngeled comes out next. Fe is the next game that is shown. It is from Zoink Games. They are an indie game developer in the EA Originals label. This game looks interesting. It looks like it might be family friendly. Hopefully there will be physical copies of this game. A video for Fe is shown. The sounds in Fe are freaky, and the music is disturbing. There is some violence in this game.

Now it is time for Star Wars. Jade Raymond comes out next. She is happy to talk about their Star Wars games. She gives us Star Wars propaganda. She references existing Star Wars games. Next year there will be a new Star Wars Battlefront game. A new original Star Wars game with new characters is coming from Dice and Motive. In 2018 a new action adventure game is coming from Visceral. Respawn Entertainment is making a new third person action adventure Star Wars game. A Star Wars video is shown on the companies making new Star Wars games. A VR Star Wars game is also coming.

Patrick Soderlund comes out again. He is talking about the ultra violent, and totally unrealistic Battlefield 1. A video for the game is shown. Bloody, violent, bad language, and more is in that video. Patrick Bach comes out to talk about Battlefield 1 some more. It is finally over with.

EA Grade: C-

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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