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Cordova, TN; August 3, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is using our skills in investigative journalism to expose why updates are bad. Most gamers would associate updates with bug fixes. Companies released broken products (that they took our money for) and they use updates to fix the broken portions. That is true. Like we exposed recently companies can also use it to steal content from players. They can use it to block player generated content. They can also use it to break a game entirely. Take Ash II for example. I recently went back to play the game. It crashed on every single device. I checked and it no longer exists in the app store. I can no longer find an iTunes page for it. Why are these companies stealing from us?

I like to take my time with games. Sometimes I leave a game alone for years, and then come back to it. This removal of products is extremely annoying. The game works fine. Money was paid for the game. How can they justify stealing it from us later? This is another reason I like physical copies of games. I like it when there are no Internet updates to a game. I want to play it when I feel like - even if that is years later. This removal of games later on is increasing the image of these downloadable only video games being disposable. I went to SRRN Games website and they have links for information on Ash, Ash II, and Ash on the Android. All of those links are dead and broken. They don’t work. I could not find a way to email them to ask.

Ash II is not the first time Family Friendly Gaming has run into this update removal problem. Yslandia is another wonderful example. This neat little action adventure role playing video game was removed. Not only removed but completely broken since it only had an online mode. They pulled the plug on their servers and all the money families put into Yslandia went down the drain. Updates can certainly fix problems. It is frustrating to see when updates do the opposite. This is a reason I will not upgrade to Windows 10 until I absolutely have to. I have already lost some software thanks to upgrading to Windows 8.1. We have to run some software on Windows 7 since Microsoft can not comprehend concepts like backwards compatibility. It should not be that difficult to allow software that works on older operating systems to work on the new operating system. Yet every single upgrade we run into problems. It has gotten so bad I only upgrade when we get a new machine. If it works on a current system, we do not mess with it. Too many bad experiences thanks to updates breaking things.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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