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Cordova, TN; August 28, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing a portion of the corruption within the video game industry. Every single company participating in this form of video game corruption is highly encouraged to correct it immediately. What are we talking about in this article? Companies that have stopped sending out press releases are trying to force the media to read their blogs instead. The press releases have enough propaganda and lies in it. We are not freely advertising your blogs. We are not treating your blog like our own media coverage. We are not using your propaganda filled company paid for written blogs as references for our own stories.

Look if you write your own blog, and you are a person (not a paid company representative), then that is great. Write your thoughts, edit them, and publish them. I am all for all kinds of voices in the video game industry. What I am not for is companies becoming lazy, and stopping press releases for one of their employees to write a ‘go-and-buy-every-one-of-our-products’ trite. It is like companies stopping the distribution of videos trying to force all of us to use their Youtube channels. They want to control every aspect of what we do, and to force us into their system only. Guess what we do at Family Friendly Gaming? We disqualify those companies. Want us to use your blog? Loss of coverage for you. Want us to use your Youtube channel? Loss of coverage for you. Ultimately it hurts them and their sales. Trying to control us hurts them in the long run.

The positive side to these companies trying to control the gaming media (and completely failing with Family Friendly Gaming) is we are now open to do more of our own original work. The Family Friendly Gaming original works have been growing, improving, and developing. For close to two years we have done our own original videos, and video capturing at Family Friendly Gaming. These have been awesome experiences. The control freak nature of too many of these companies and their PR representatives has opened the door to Family Friendly Gaming growing, improving, and developing. I suppose I should thank them since it has led to Family Friendly Gaming reaching millions more. Another instance where God has turned something to good for Family Friendly Gaming.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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