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Cordova, TN; November 9, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is hopping mad at the control freak video game companies who continue to make the entire industry worse with bad decisions. Why is an online account needed to play a game offline? There is no logical reason. Yet some companies are demanding an online account, and then an extra paid membership just to play a game offline. What games am I talking about? I will answer that in the next paragraph. Right now I want these companies to correct their mistakes and keep offline modes pure and separate from online modes. This kind of bait and switch is why so many people dislike the video game industry. This kind of corruption is why so many people refuse to buy video games.

I recently made an online purchase of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. I thought it might be interesting to review this game. Sure I expected it to fail on our review scale. I did not expect the game would not work. After installing the game, Teen Gamer and Kid Gamer tried to play it in local multiplayer only. They were denied thanks to Electronic Arts (EA) draconian design. To play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare offline you need to connect the game and the system to EA’s servers, and you must pay for a Playstation Plus membership. WHAT?!? We refuse to pay Sony any money for online features. We keep online off, and only want to play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare completely offline and locally. EA denies us that. After looking around the case we finally saw some small print that denoted this disgusting design. Really EA? I hope they correct this bone headed decision in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. I also hope this kind of deceptive, immoral, and unethical business decision is not make in Star Wars Battlefront.

A step down from Electronic Arts repugnant design is Lego Dimensions. In order to play Lego Dimensions your game, and your system needs to connect to the Warner Bros server. Why? Family Friendly Gaming has asked WB Games that question for months. They are not capable of providing a response. Since they continue to dodge the question months later, we are left to our own opinions on the topic. I believe they are doing it because they see your game, and your system as their property. You paid them good money for the game, but they believe it still belongs to them. If they decide to revoke your access to your own game, they can easily do it on the server. Pretty scummy huh? See why we point out these companies are corrupt, unethical, and immoral? This is one of the reasons Family Friendly Gaming has been very slow to review Lego Dimensions. We are extremely unhappy with their business practices. We see no reason to drain the severely limited Internet bandwidth resources because a company wants to be such a control freak.

I call upon these companies to correct these mistakes as soon as possible. Consumers need to stand up for their rights, and tell these companies they lose a sale because of their anti-consumer policies. Together we can effect change in the video game industry. We can make it a better industry for families. One person can make a change by shining a light on the corruption.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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