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Nintendo Accused of Limiting Amiibo Supply



Cordova, TN; September 18, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is acknowledging the plethora of complaints that Nintendo is yet again back to their bad habit of limiting supply of their products to increase demand, and keep prices high. There were numerous complaints of this during the first couple of years the Wii was being sold. Nintendo has not been known to be the most ethical of companies. In fact they been fined and punished for violations of the law. They have lost patent law suits for infringing upon the rights of others. Nintendo has a squeaky clean image in terms of most of the games they publish. The image of the business is something else entirely.

Nintendo has billions in the bank. So they make money. They have been accused of fleecing customers with high prices. They have also been accused of purposely keeping supply low of their products to increase the demand, and keep the prices high. Amiibos have been out for close to a year now. Nintendo has not improved their process in this almost year. Why is that? Why doesn’t Nintendo ramp up supplies? They don’t seem to be trying to put more of the sold out products on the market. Why not? Obviously it is not in their self interest. Don’t they realize it hurts their public image? Kind of like the New England Patriots in a new cheating scandal. Nintendo should be doing everything possible to move away from the accusations that they are limiting the supply of Amiibos.

Yet we see the same old story from Nintendo. Whether it is accusations of their discriminating against Christians, participating in unethical business practices, or purposely limiting supply to increase demand and keep prices high; Nintendo keeps on trucking. It is like they don’t care how bad their image is as a company. They ignore what anyone says about them. Even when it is a judge that finds them guilty. Plenty of voices have offered Nintendo really good advice on how to improve their image. They ignore all of those voices too. What makes no sense to me is Nintendo could make more money if they released more of the sold out Amiibos. If you knew you had definite sales why would you turn them away?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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