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Cordova, TN; December 4, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is revealing one of the ways we get more games for our money. There are a variety of ways to find video games cheaper than normal. There are a few good ways to find television shows and movies cheaper than normal prices. When we do that, we get more product for the same amount of money. We spend less on products when we are patient and find the right times to spring on good deals. The first thing anyone needs to do is recognize good prices, and bad prices for any product. The next step is to discern a good deal for a bad deal. Some deals sound awesome at first, but once we run the numbers we realize how bad they really are. Remember most retail chains are trying to find a way to get you to part with as much of your money as they can take from you for as little as product as possible.

Family Friendly Gaming stands up and for the consumers. Family Friendly Gaming has been a consumer rights advocate since we started in 2005. We are not in the business of padding the massive bank accounts of the retailers, or the insanely huge bank accounts of the companies making the products. It is rarely wise to purchase a brand new product the first day it comes out. The same goes for pre-ordering a product. Again it is rare that you will get a good deal at that point in time. So the best strategy you can have is patience. Almost every product drops in price. Why spend more on something when it will be less in three, six, nine, or twelve months? Be patient and it costs your family less money.

Black Friday is a wonderful day to find deals. Television shows for ten dollars (they are normally thirty to forty dollars), movies for two dollars (they are normally fifteen to thirty dollars), televisions, and other electronics also drop drastically in price. Our family saves up for months to have money for Black Friday. We then spend that money on the television shows, games, and other devices for drastically reduced rates. We also check prices for products online. Used video games, television shows, and movies can save a family hundreds of dollars a year. Plus you will be helping out a small business. There are always people and places where bartering is part of the daily life. Swap meets and auctions are great places to find wonderful deals.

My grandfather taught my dad an important lesson. My dad passed this important lesson down to me. Here it is: “if you don’t like the deal, walk away.” Sounds pretty simple right? It can be easy to get ourselves all psyched up to get something. If you don’t get it for the price you are willing to pay, then walk away. My grandfather did this on cars, food, electronics and more. So has my father. So have I. If I am not willing to go above a certain price ceiling, I leave the item at the store. Nothing and no one can force me to make a purchase. Nothing and no one can force you to make a purchase either. Please keep that in mind. Do not let some sales person pressure you into spending more on something than you are comfortable with. Also avoid credit cards. You pay more for something when you use them. If you do not have the cash or money in your account, then wait until you do. Again patience is very important in this regard.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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